Hostile Pigmen

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    Plugin category: Not sure

    Suggested name: Not sure, one cagain
    What I want: I've looked through many mob controlling plugins and they all do things like make pigs hostile, or make snowmen deal damage. But I haven't seen one that makes ALL pigmen spawned, whether through plugin or by natural means hostile. I really need this for a server I work on as we are planning on having dungeons, and a dungeon full of neutral pigmen is slightly too easy

    Also, skim-reading is much easier with paragraphs!

    Ideas for commands: None, all it would do is make all pigmen hostile

    Ideas for permissions: None, all it would do is make all pigmen hostile

    When I'd like it by: However long it takes.

    I'd do this myself if I knew bukkit, I'm currently learning but I haven't progressed far.
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    You say you are learning, here is some code: (Just listen to the Spawn event)
    1. if(event.getEntity() instanceof PigZombie) {
    2. PigZombie pz = event.getEntity();
    3. pz.setAnger(true)
    4. }

    Otherwise if you understand none of this, I may be able to make it for you
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    My apologies for the late reply, I haven't really had time to get around to it.

    Thanks for the plugin, it is great. I tried it out and it seems to work with other mob spawning plugins.
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    Thanks for the input. It should work with almost all plugins

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