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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by xMinecraft, Jul 14, 2013.

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    Hello guys.
    I use CB dev 1.6.2 and I've problem with horses when I try open the inventory(of horse) and this's error client:

    How I can fix this problem?
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    Does the horse have a name? Because when you open a horse inventory it displays its name up at the top, like a chest or custom inventory. Same error occurs when a chest or inventories name is over or is 32 chars long.
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    BENCLABSTER how I can fix this problem? change the name of horse with nametag?

    This problem is a conflict with configuration "nametag" of MobHealth.
    This feature should be disabled for the use of horses.

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    Yeah, villagers had the same issue. The API allows name lengths longer than the various gui popups can deal with.
    I'm pushing out a dev version with this and other fixes (health is now a double not an int apparently!:) ) Just detecting mules/donkeys and then it'll be pushed out. In the meantime a hack is to use a nametag to rename the horse.
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    Be careful with the name, as it cannot exceed 4 letters. Otherwise it will be as long or longer than the text "Horse"
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