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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Mrchasez, Jan 31, 2012.

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    We have been lagging like crazy recently.
    We usually have more then 9GB of free ram, and only ever use 30% of our CPU.

    The lag is like really bad spikes, and seems to have started from nothing.

    We keep switching form CB 1.1-R1 and R3 trying to see if one of them is the cause.
    I have tried doing everything now, and we really don't get any errors in our console either.
    Just really wish it would stop, we used to run 130 online fine, now were getting lag spikes at

    (Some names are cut off, But you can see them all
    Our plugins are:
    Untitled.png 1.png

    If you see any conflicts are issues, Please let me know
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    I recently had issues with worldguard when I updated to the latest RB. Try that and if that doesn't work try turning off all plugins and loading them one by one.
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    I already said none give of any issues.
    I have also tired it on R1
    The issues seem to continue
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    Nathan C

    What is your CPU use at the time of the lag?

    What are your server specs?

    How many hard/solid state drives?

    How much RAM is being used at the time of the lag(use lagmeter)?
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    Well, I have three servers being ran on our dedi.
    Intel Xeon E3-1270 (Sandy Bridge 3.4ghz)

    16GB of ram, 1CPU, 4 Cores.

    Standard hard drive size:​
    1000 GB

    Last week we had 130 Online on one server, and 10/20 on the other servers
    Had 9GB ram free, and only using 30% of the CPU

    Now, we are using a lot less and have more then 10GB of free ram, and within mins of being up it gets horrible lag spikes.

    This all started after we updated to R3, Then we went back to R1 and the lag continued.
    Its not our machine, its fine.

    Its a conflict or a plugin or something.
    I want to know which one

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    sure its not someone who either

    A: Someone created a mobgrinder that stacks together tons of mobs in one location
    B: Someone playing around with some heavy Redstone stuff
    C: someone having build an insane auto farm of some sort, that when enabled opens up for massive amount of water flow
    D: someone doing something else that is incredible laggy.
    E: Someone exploring new chunks.
    F: Or someone that have spawned 1000s of animals.

    Anyway you can always do a check with /wg report when the lag starts, to see how many monsters etc there is, hope this helps out.
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    We made too many backups without noticing it
    Our secondary servers were creating backups twice a day for two weeks
    500GB of data on our dedi lol
    This is fixed
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    Nice that you got it to work :) i have tried that one before also, except it made the world corrupt and server wierd :)
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