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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by PhillyCheezsteak, Nov 11, 2014.

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  1. Hello, so the plugin SimpleTrash allows you to use the command /trash and it opens a chest interface that allows you to drag items you want to throw out to the chest/trash. The only problem is it does not have a blacklist. What I need is a blacklist that prevents you to drag certain items in the trash. I also need the blacklist to have a config and to support data values/item ids. Here is a link to the plugin

    So all I need is a blacklist to prevent throwing out certain items.
  2. PhillyCheezsteak I can make this when I have spear time. If anyone else wants to take it feel free.
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    for what mcpc plus/couldron version?
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    For bukkit lol
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    ^^ plugin almost done :D
  6. I am bumping this thread because the person who was working on it is too busy. We talked in private messages. If anyone would be kind enough to make this, I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Hey il do IT if u can wait a bit i need to sleep
  8. HDminecraftnerd Hey I was wondering if you had any progress updates on the blacklist.
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    hey i just made another plugin that someone requested im starting on urs now it should be pretty easy
    do u want me to add a config to that plugin or just make a new one ?
  10. HDminecraftnerd Hey I was wondering if you had any progress with the blacklist?
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    What items are you intrested in getting blacklisted?
  12. iAmSkizzle I would want a blacklist config that would allow me to add any item, supporting data values and item id's.
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    I'll do this, just stop bumping it...
  14. @Jayke_ Hey you told me not to bump this, but can you please give me a progress report with this?
  15. If anyone can do this I would greatly appreciate it. Also please give me a general time frame on when you can complete it.
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    @PhillyCheezsteak I can do this, I will also just make it so you can add the blacklisted items into a config file instead of hard-coding it! I will probably get this done tomorrow due to it being really simple!
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  18. @BrentHogeling If possible, can you make it so if an item is blacklisted and if you open up the trash gui, you cannot move the item if it is blacklisted? The reason for this is because if a player's inventory is full and if they pick up and drag an item while they are on top of another item, then their inventory would pick up the item on the ground and then they would be forced to drop the other item. If you can do that, that would be awesome.
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    Well you see, the inventoryclickevent works by checking the current inventory being clicked. If I were to do that it would mean you would have the blacklist apply all the time, I can make it so if the inventory is open they can't pick up items however?
  20. @BrentHogeling That would be great if they cannot pick up items while the trash interface is open. Nice idea, that would work perfectly, but I also need it so they cannot throw out items that are blacklisted.
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