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Discussion in 'Community News and Announcements' started by Jadedcat, Nov 25, 2014.

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    The CurseForge Team gets a lot of satisfaction from improving our service to mod developers and players. Over the course of the last few months the team has been revamped and schedules shifted to ensure someone on the team is available 24/7. While the team plans to continue to keep this schedule in place, we are fast approaching the holiday season. Here in the states it starts Thurs, Nov 27th with the roasting of a turkey, overeating and spending time with family (whether we want to or not). On the 27th, approval times for files will be partially determined by how annoying our family members are. The faster they are approved, the more likely we are hiding from crazy Aunt Edith or our mother's "When do I get grandchildren" line of questioning. Should our family time be nice, files may take longer than the average to process and approve. On the following day Nov 28th file process times may also be delayed depending how long the food comas last. Dec 2-6 file approval times will be affected by the annual company Christmas dinner and shenanigans involving dragons, elves and water balloons. Dec 24th and 25th will also be slower as again societal norms insist we spend time with family members. Once the annually required family affection and "quality" time has passed, the staff will be back at work and regular approval times will recommence.

    File processing delays: Nov 27th-28th, Dec 2nd - 6th and Dec 24th - 25th
    For problems not related to file processing/approval:

    Absolute Emergency (dragons burnt the town, villagers are rioting) private message either: CFEmergency Admin or Bukkit Emergency Admin
    Normal Emergency (gremlins, imps and evil pixies) contact: Support Desk
    We will still be watching, but response time will be delayed. Happy Holidays to everyone.
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    Fun stuff.
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    Happy Thanksgiving and merry Christmas to all. :)
    (By the way, love Emergency Admin's profile picture.)
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    Creeper slippers, lel.
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    A lovely artist friend and minecraft mod dev made that for the team. Its just too adorable not to use.
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    LOL I sorta feel your pain (we already have kids but this applies to other aspects of our lives too lol). Thanks for the laugh, needed that this morning.
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    Either Way, I think you Guys deserve a well earned break. You had to pick up the pieces of the issues over the last few months. Personally I think you should get a Thumbs Up from all us users in the Minecraft World, Bless you all over this season and we support you all the way.
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    I am lucky.. my mother never asks, but the other members of the team are single (ish) males... poor poor souls...
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    Have fun!
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    Jadedcat Thanks for giving us a heads up, happy holidays!
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    Just enjoy yourselves, don't worry too much about us. To be honest, I won't be working on anything during that time period anyway. Also, I have now found the true source of torture- changing long Strings in this format, ChatColor.RED + "[" + pluginPrefix + "]" + blah blah blah to formats. It looks so much cleaner, but is an absolute pain in the behind to change for an entire plugin...
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    Hopefully the team has a fun and happy Thanks Giving. I am sure the community will not mind if the team takes a day off to spend time with their family.
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    I second what DrPyro says, Have a great thanksgiving all! :)
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    Baking incident 1: Do not shake eggnog without checking the cap... on the plus side I smell tasty ... and milk is good for hair and skin right?
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  15. Jadedcat It is fantastic for hair and skin. Have a nice thanksgiving everyone.
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    And baking incident 2. Do not leave stove on while handling work related issues... oh well... extra extra crispy bacon
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    Funny experiences...
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