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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by mrgreaper, Jan 10, 2011.

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    ok i couldnt figure what to type as topic title.

    we have a server running currently private but will be on a more dedicated machine and public soonish (on a 50meg connection and true server pc)

    the private one we have running now was only modified about 2 weeks ago (till then it was vanila minecraft server) the guys over at hmod have truely given us a gift that has massively improved the server.

    At the moment we are running the following
    hmod 133 (i believe, it is the latest one thats available on the site)
    stargate mod (seems the creator dinnerbone ceased supporting it so its a custom one found on page 20 of its thread)
    craftbook 2.0 pre release 11 (dear god these guys should get saint hoods for this pluggin, this plugin has become an essential)
    bigbrother (no need to use it yet as we have only trusted people on the test server but giving the amazing stuff some people are creating anti grief measures are very dear to our hearts)
    noon lock plugin (this locks the day to noon it was added as players were hating the surface mobs during the night and yet we want to keep the mobs underground...not ideal but our requests for a plugin that extended day to 30minutes and kept night at 10 minutes went unheard(fairenough...people are busy))

    now here is the point of the post, we are constantly seeing "moving to bukkit" or "dont use hmod use bukkit" or "hmod no longer updated change to bukkit" but the only download for bukkit is a snapshot that looks like an old preview build. The plugin page says the elves are hard at work constructing it.

    so the new version of minecraft will be released on friday but hmod wont be updated and bukkit is unfinished?
    will bukkit be ready for the release?
    will hmod plugins work with bukkit (dear god i hope so cos we have just got the server set up how we want it lol)

    thnx in advance
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    Its okay, Hey0 knows this and he says he woulnt stop updating hmod until bukkit is released. No worrys. Hmod is still under development untill bukkit.
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    You sir have made my day ...hell maybe even my year!!!!!!! thank you and thank you hey0!!
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    Lol, No Problem
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