Plugin Request hMod A couple plugins required - Are you up to the task?

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by hiiiboy111, Mar 23, 2015.

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    Plugins that we need: WorldGuard, Plots (or allow worldguard to have seperate regions inside of itself with priorities), "CoreProtect", and A broadcaster.

    WorldGuard (or plugin similar):
    • Block Protection
    • Priorities, regions within eachother that can be used for a plot based system
    • Fire Protection
    • Explosion Protection
    • Flint and Steel Protection
    • Lava Protection
    • Pvp Toggling (enable/disable)
    CoreProtect (or plugin similar):
    • Block logging
    • Rollbacks with players, block radius, and specific times features
    • Backups
    • No MySQL | We are currently using a failed version of LogBlock that uses a MySQL Database. We know MySQL would be better in a situation like so, but we would rather it not be there.
    Broadcaster (simply broadcasts messages):
    • Multiple messages can be broadcasted
    • Time periods between broadcasts
    • Chat color support
    • Specific timing broadcasts (optional if proves to be difficult)

    First off, we run an old version of hMod for Minecraft Alpha 1.2.6. Secondly, if you can get any of these plugins done, that would be damn amazing. Lastly, we DO NOT want comments saying things such as," You know hMod is old, so not many people know how to code it anymore." "All of this you are asking is very difficult, it's not like it's a walk in the park." "This is a bukkit forum, not hMod, go to CanaryMod's forum they know more about this."

    I will answer all three of those quotes. hMod is old, doesn't mean you can scrutinize players if they use it or not. I know these plugins are VERY difficult to code, I tried myself, and if you believe you're a professional at coding or want a challenge, try this, if not, don't say anything. And I know CanaryMod is based of the source code of hMod and that they would know more about hMod than bukkit. But their forum is dead. I did post there, and they linked me to a forum that had nothing in use for me, they never replied afterwards.

    Please see this as a challenge. Challenges question your ability of your skill, so if you think you can do it, go for it, if not, that is totally understandable.
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    Where'd you download hMod? I've been looking for a copy...

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