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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by GunterNova, Dec 27, 2011.

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    Greetings all all bukkit developers reading this page! As stated in the title I am looking for bukkit developers. Minecraft has been gaining popularity and fun over the past year of updates, and my goal is to bring that experience with multiple users to a new level.

    My goal: in running this community, Eternal Craft, is offering unique features, since with all the thousands of small servers running the same vanilla base, its getting old and only a few stand out. This is why I intend to stay away from the same, and become unique and offer features upon community agreement that, if I so succeed in gathering developers together, our development team can accomplish.

    What I can offer: I do not have much money to offer for Developers at a certain date, but the promise to being proud of the help in running a popular community with a big reputation in the long run. I can also offer 40-60% of received donations aside from using it for server costs. As well as Senior Moderator up to Administrator depending on your experience.

    Right now I have 3 buddies on our little development team who know the language of C++ fairley well, and onein visual basics who can help us in a possible loader we plan to create if this goes to plan. But what I am looking for is Developers in Java, ones who can create a plugin and help us on a custom script to add more to the server.

    If you are interesting in taking part of this development team; please fill in the form at this page, giving us contact information, what language(s) you’re experienced in and any other info we may find useful.
  2. Are you trying to bump and are you hoping we won't notice it? Before your edit this thread had exactly the same text... <.<
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    No reason to bump or create new threads with the exact same content, people will see it eventually and respond accordingly.
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    Sorry for the miss understanding, I found my title a bit respectful on the old post and not direct, and since I could not change it I wiped it out and made the same on with my preferred title.
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    Promising future value means nothing to me and shouldn't to anyone. I'll make whatever plugins you need if you compensate me fairly.
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    Of course, but there wasn't a option for title changing.
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