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    Suggested Project Title: MobSpawnerEdit

    CraftBukkit Version: 1.7.8/1.7.9

    Why do I need this plugin?
    There are many mob spawner editing plugins out there, most of them inactive or unsuccessful. I request this plugin because it can be handy in many servers and many people already want one.

    Projects Similar To This:
    SilkSpawners [Outdated]
    CustomSpawners [Abandoned]

    What Is It Going To Do?
    This plugin should be able to modify a mob spawner's mob to spawn, interval that the mob will spawn, and that all. No need for something else like WorldGuard intergration or too many permissions. Just a plugin that will work and will avoid any possible protection applied on the server (like worldguard or essentials protection). If something of these is difficult to be done, just make it to be able to change the interval and the mob type - xD.

    Hope this gets accepted by someone...
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    I may be able to do this for you, but I don't think spawning intervals are possible, but I'll look into this ;)

    Ok, I'm willing to do this plugin for you, I'll PM you about this

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    You can do this with essentials. Use /spawner <spawnertype> while looking at a spawner I think
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    Yea ^ its /spawner (MOB) (DELAY)
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    Onlineids Ah, ok. Thanks for backing me up ;)
  6. Outdated doesn't mean broken. You need to try plugins before assuming they are broken after 1 Minecraft update, lol. I am using SilkSpawners on my server right now, running 1.7. It's not broken, it's just not updated to the latest CB build. Still works fine.
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    /spawner [mob] with Essentials
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