Heroes RPG Pre-Made Classes/Configurations, Open To All

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Phahtnom01, Apr 8, 2012.

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    A friend of mine and I are planning on making a pvp server, but want something with a twist that would make our server different from anyone else. We are planning on having faction based economy server (only two factions) with mcmmo and heroes rpg. Are plan is to make groups something like this....

    Assassin- Archery mcmmo skill (plus taming and 2 non-combat skills) and 2 abilities from heroes rpg that either level up as you level up in heroes rpg or gain more (one) as you level up in heroes

    Knight- Swords mcmmo skill (plus taming and 2 non-combat skills) and 2 abilities from heroes rpg that either level up as you level up in heroes rpg or gain more (one) as you level up in heroes

    The only aspect we want from heroes is abilities. I want to create a fairly large list of abilities and limit a fifth or sixth to each class pertaining to its title and then let the player pick from there.


    Player chooses assassin and gets the mcmmo skills. He then has a list of abilities that include; back stab, stalker, marksman, agility, etc. Player chooses 2 of those skills and either levels up their effectiveness or gains another skill (I prefer option two but will depend on how many abilities I can configure myself and obtain).

    Now my questions are:
    1. Does anyone have any {class} configurations I could use that would fit this
    2. Does anyone have any good class ideas, so far I have: assassin, knight, archer, summoner, mage, medic, axeman, and brute.
    3. Does anyone know an effective way to organize this in group manager, or know a better permission plug-in that would work well with this?

    Also, this is open to anyone who needs configurations similar to this or any anyone that needs basic class ideas.

    Thanks, any help is appreciated.
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    We don't recommend using mcmmo with Heroes, everything that Mcmmo has Heroes does (better and faster :p)
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    Thanks, do you know where i could find a list of player made abilities or a lisat of different class titles?
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    I'd argue mcMMO does it better, but then again its all opinions.
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    No but I like aspects of both plug-ins which is the reason why i am combining the combat system from mcmmo with the abilities from heroes.
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    Now now... I love both! :D

    I have multiple servers, I use mcMMO on a few, and Heroes on some others. They're both amazing, well coded plugins.
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    If you were arguing Mcmmo had a bigger impact on performance, you'd be arguing correctly.

    Heroes, from the ground up, was designed to be lightweight and with large servers in mind. Mcmmo is fine on a server with less than 20 players.

    Coming from the Director/dev of Heroes - there is no need to run both, you will have conflicts / issues and neither devs will support it.
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    Now you're just full of it, we have servers running 200+ players with mcMMO and 20 TPS.

    I'm not going to say mcMMO is more lightweight than a modular plugin, because it can't be. But mcMMO is as lightweight as it can be and we are always improving on its code.

    You've always been very vocal to bash mcMMO at every possible moment you can, and it's annoying to see. Right when your plugin came out you labeled it as a revolutionary RPG plugin, which if you ask me it certainly is not and how full of yourselves can you be to apply such a label at launch?

    Heroes is a convoluted plugin that suffers from being too complex for its own good, and what it doesn't do well it just steals from other plugins (mcMMO included). You've admitted on more than one occasion to copying mcMMO functionality, so don't even begin to argue that your plugin is better from a design standpoint. You don't have the talent to compete with mcMMO.

    And as for you, you're probably one of the most pretentious developers in the Bukkit community. You stop at no lengths to boast about yourself and your plugin in every possible thread. It's sickening to see someone with such an inflated ego hand out insults to authors like myself like they are justified.

    Your signature even states you will charge 50 USD for helping server owners configure your own plugin, that in itself speaks volumes about your greed and the complexity of your plugin.

    And if we want to talk statistics, Heroes doesn't even hold a candle to mcMMO. All I see is a bitter sore loser in you Kainzo, and a reminder that not all developers are created equal.
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    Damn nossr. Okay 1st questions before i go further into trying to mix these two plug-ins, without being bias, would there be any major compatibility issues?
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    uh... I dont think your title is aloud to be in all caps
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    I just copied and pastied this title from the minecraftfroums.net (which wasn't all caps) and it came out like this....
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    well u could edit it? all i mean is that the title is in all caps.
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    Better :D
    Well that is cause u made mcMMO :)
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    Oh god, I fell asleep and didnt care enough to respond to this. lol
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    Quite the gigglepit in here. I approve.

    Beautifully well formulated response. 10/10

    Terrible response, you appear to be defeated. 2/10 would not bang.
    Consider reading nossr50's full post and responding with a real attempt this time, this is very entertaining.

    On a parting note, both plugins do what they're supposed to, and as far as performance, I haven't noticed a difference running ~50 players online.
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    Rating posts is so 1999
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    Oh, come on now. Another half assed one? Get those creative juices flowing!
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    I've used both of these plugins. I find they tend to step all over each other. I've never really been able to pick a favorite. I haven't looked at Heroes in a few months, perhaps it's worth another look.
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    It's really whatever suits your fancy - we're an MMO creator fully featured (Minus quests)
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    since your question seemed to go un-answered:

    The major conflict is the party systems. You'll want to remove one of the plugins party commands in the plugin.yml (open the jar in a zip)
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    Am I the only one that remembers the original post?
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    Dude the last post was April 30th. WTF are you doing bring it up? :S
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    HOLY CRAP! How did I miss that. I will go back into my hole now...
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    Do not use mcmmo because it crashes with heroes the xp/hp systems go out of whack so I advise you use Heroes
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    Thanks for repeating what everyone has said so far. I found it really useful.
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    lol ligitly i just scrolled down to the bottom and left my comment:p
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