Herocraft Dev being ddos'd - no plugin updates :(

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Kainzo, Aug 8, 2012.

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    LOL. That's just funny.
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    Ferus Grim

    You can laugh all you want, but Linux isn't as secure as people make it out to be.

    Depending on the situation, it can be even less secure than Windows. The majority of Linux users are too arrogant to use an anti-virus (yes, Anti-Viruses exist for Linux), making their system susceptible to people who wish to attack it.
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    You should do some research buddy, you'd be surprised.
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    I don't know anybody who uses the "root" account as their standard usage account. Many of the Linux/GNU projects even go as far as to install themselves with the root account locked.

    There is a difference between hacking a system, and allowing your system to be hacked. Most anti-virus software for linux only even exists to scan files that are being shared with a windows network, and not even for the security of the linux system.

    I'm not saying it's impossible to hack, but to claim it's just as easy to hack as a windows computer? That is just simply not accurate.
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    Bukkit is free in all definitions of the word.

    Um. I can. In fact, anyone with even the basic amount of computer knowledge can. Of course, you're now going to redefine the word 'exploit' to mean 'not having access to the machine'. Which isn't what anyone was talking about.

    You're confused.
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    I'm glad to see the DDoS is lifted, and I hope it stays that way. I love using your plugin, especially the fact that it is one of the only good RPG Classes plugins on here that doesn't require Spoutcraft for the clients.
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    The attacks stopped when we blacklisted all Brazilian ip's. Could be coincidence but not a single Brazilian ip can connect to our data center.
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    You should host the downloads on your data center.
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    Kainzo, just a warn, don't think this IP blocking will help too much.

    There are many programs in the Internet that can create a fake-IP for you, and he would PROBABLY do something like this... (If he hate the plugin THAT much)

    Btw, It wasn't coincidence, he actually is from Brazil. lol
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    I deleted the last thread you created. This is a he said, she said situation with no way for either to prove their point and is instigating flamebait. This is your last warning, we will take action if you continue to break our rules.

    The Bukkit forums is no place for a witch hunt and you will be banned for trying to start one. There are always more sides to a story than people let on. We do not want to be involved in something that has nothing to do with our community or our project. If you want to continue this, keep it off our site and out of our community.
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