Herocraft Dev being ddos'd - no plugin updates :(

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Kainzo, Aug 8, 2012.

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    Tbh, I dont think there are many laws in Brazil - we're going to go directly to the ISP. Choose the high road first.
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    There are international laws and regulations. The USA has the means and tools to do it and they have done it in the past. Unless you're not in USA?
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    It's so sad... people showing their little to nonexistent intellect in such a stupid way...
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    Agreed. Apparently from hearing from other server owners in Brazil - this person doesn't like any competition.
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    Sorry to hear about the attacks man, that sucks. Unfortunately small (aka not a cloud service provider) server admins who provide any service are at the crappy end of a dog/hydrant relationship with any noob who wants to attack the server.

    Try to remember: those who can't develop, skiddie.

    !true, not by a long shot. Unless you are in the same, or a country that is very similar in it's Internet legal doctrine, this is a non-starter in 90% of cases, assuming you could even prove they did it.

    Seriously, who would you call?

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  6. You can't be serious.
    People these days :(
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    Then how come I could get arrested/fined when downloading stuff off the internet that is property of the USA (like movies) when I live in Canada?
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    Ferus Grim

    It really depends on the country that you're in. Some of them work together against huge issues, such as piracy. However, a skiddy DDoSing a server, while illegal, isn't considered a big issue by large media companies, who essentially run government (and care a lot about Piracy).
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    Ok, I am really angry about this because I need some bugs fixed in the chat plugin, but it looks like I need to dissect the plugin and fix the problems myself because of this idiot committing illegal and immature crimes.
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    Why should he need to? His preferred workspace should not be interrupted.
  11. I hope this gets sorted, one of my old servers was DDOSed and everything was corrupted. I haven't had a server since but I plan on creating a new one.
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    i replied to the first thread asking what the network monitoring tool was and didnt get to see the response, could i get whatever that response was again :p
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    The USA and Canada are exceptionally poor choices for this debate. There is no global Internet authority, and many countries blatantly do whatever they want regardless of what the US says.
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    And that's a good thing. This sentence could be "regardless of what Iran says" doesn't make sense v_v
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    Do you use beastnode because one of my main servers got ddosed :eek:
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    Sure, if you remove all context, it makes no sense. The point is that Canada would attempt to cooperate with the US, whereas for example North Korea would not.

    This is a seriously frivolous debate and none of us are lawyers, so I'll just say you win, so you can feel good about yourself :).
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    The only thing Canada doesnt cooperate with us is sending Mark Emery (prince of pot) in hahaha

    Brazil would cooperate with US as well, i can tell you that.
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    I was another victim of his attacks as well, I am Brazilian and my server was attacked by them for a week until I could buy a server with cisco protection.
    We ask the international community Bukkit help put a stop to these people who are very powerful to the point of wanting to be the enemy of all our community!
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    Even talk to them is difficult
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    Vote it!
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    Sincerely, those guys were DDoSing servers for a long time, since 2011. It wasn't brothering me, until I saw this. Indeed I didn't care from servers being DDoSed and stuff, but now stopping a plugin development, that's way too much to accept.

    I wish we could report this guy to Mojang or something else to do something, but I don't think they would really care about it.
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    I wish I could help, but I've never really had any experience dealing with DDoS'ing...
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    Make bukkit fails when loading his server *trollface* this would be fun to see. He mostly lives out his server.
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    They do distribute what seems to be a modifyed client on their website so people can join their server. Would that be considered illegal in any possible way?

    Edit: I can not confirm and I am not accusing them of doing such thing. But if they were, would it be considered illegal?
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    The guy is obviously deranged. I mean, Minecraft is supposed to be fun, and it generally has a great, friendly community (griefers and hackers excluded)...
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    True, but sadly, no matter where you seem to go on the inter webs... there are always people who are jealous. Some server owners manage to make thousands of dollars off their servers every month. This guy, is obviously jealous.
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    Google knows all XP

    On another note glad to see everything is up and running for you Kainzo
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    Bukkit, is not free. It is however subsidized, which makes it free to us.

    Linux is open source, find me someone who can bypass or otherwise hack it. Without using exploits.
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    Role Play doesn't work with minecraft he says. Has he seen MOST major servers. Even my server has a constant player number of 20-30 and its a Role Play server.
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