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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by biokemisten, May 5, 2013.

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    Hi, since i started using Herochat again, i can't get the prefix/color to work, unless i type /me command.
    I've been searching for solutions through google and bukkit but couldn't find anything.
    i have PEX and Essentialschat installed.

    Here is my config and global.yml

      can-kick: true
      can-ban: true
      can-mute: true
      can-remove-channel: true
      can-modify-nick: true
      can-modify-color: true
      can-modify-distance: true
      can-modify-password: true
      can-modify-format: false
      can-modify-shortcut: false
      can-modify-verbose: true
      can-modify-focusable: false
      can-modify-crossworld: false
      can-color-messages: true
      can-view-info: true
      can-focus: true
    default-channel: Global
    censors: []
      default: '{color}[{nick}] &f{prefix}{sender}{suffix}{color}: {msg}'
      announce: '{color}[{nick}] {msg}'
      emote: '{color}[{nick}] * {msg}'
      private-message: '&d{convoaddress} {convopartner}&d: {msg}'
    use-channel-emotes: true
    locale: en_US
    log-chat: true
    log-to-bukkit: false
    twitter-style-private-messages: true
    name: Global
    nick: G
    format: '{default}'
    password: ''
    color: DARK_GREEN
    distance: 0
    shortcut: false
    verbose: true
    crossworld: false
    muted: false
    worlds: []
    bans: []
    mutes: []
    - biokemistenz
    If you guys have any good solutions for this ''common'' problem, please let me know!
    - B
  2. Never heard of Herochat D:
    But, you're using PEX to setup prefix's and perms right?
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  4. PEX isn't updated anymore, it's a inactive plugin, which means there will be a lot of bugs
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    Well.. prefixes for PEX works, but not the ''channel-prefix'' for herochat.
    If you mean that.
  6. Ohh, I don't really know anything about herochat sorry D-=
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    Thanks for your time though.


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