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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Indeoo, Apr 6, 2012.

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    Not far time day away, i updated my server to 1.2, so HeroChat 4 doesn't work on new Bukkit. I try to use HeroChat 5, i would say that's new version is very good!
    But, i can't realise autojoining to chanel, cause i don't know how :(
    I have 2 chanels. They are: Local and World. Local is default in the config, it's easy, but i want users to type /w <message>, to speak world chat...
    I create this chat, give it nickmane "w", so no problems with this, but people must type /ch join world, to join world chat.
    So i need to create AutoJoin to world chat.

    I tryied to give users permissions "herochat.autojoin.world" (as in instruction at bukkit dev), but it doesn't work.
    Need your help.
    Permission plugin = PEX
    Database = MySql
  2. The auto join doesn't do this, What auto join does is make you automatically join that group when you log in. i don't think theres a way to do what you want without editing the source code or getting a macros plugin.
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