Herobrine v0.1 : Combining the best! [SPOUT] [1060] [WIP]

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by tips48, Sep 5, 2011.

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  1. Herobrine : Combining the best!


    This is a combination of HerobrineUnleashed and Herobrine. It will fix many design flaws with both plugins, but still keep the features that made these plugins great. Developed by @tips48 , @steaks4uce , and @V10lator , this plugin is sure to be a scare on any server.

    Advantages of this over either previous plugin:
    - Spout will be optional
    - Scarier!
    - Less...violent?
    - API!
    - Less RAM/CPU Intensive
    - Easier to setup

    [​IMG] You want to make us go faster? Why, thank you!

    Download link will be here when its available for download.
    Source code link will be here when it is available for viewing

    Hopefully, this will make it easier for everyone (including the developers) to use, setup, and maintain!


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    Cosmic Break

    as long as it doesnt set 1 million signs over the course of the day...
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    This sounds VERY promising. I love it when different people with good ideas come together and make music. Figuratively. Well, literally too. I am probably not the only one who would appreciate knowing exactly what the differences between this and the two plugins are, though. There are places where the other two sorta contradict each other, so knowing which one "wins out" is important.
  4. @steaks4uce plugin will likely "win out" most of the time ;)
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    Awesome, I cant wait! I've been hoping for a less violent Herobrine!

    Also, as before, kudos on the less violent aspect. But I was curious, how elusive do you plan to make him? I've always liked how much the idea of just seeing Herobrine in the distance shrouded in fog, or catching him out of the corner of my eye, turning, only to find he's gone, has scared me.. Same goes for my roommates. Will these be possibilities with this new Herobrine?

    I would gladly donate to see these aspects put into our beloved Herobrine.

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  6. Very elusive. ;)
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    You folks, are super.
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    OHHMAAGAAAWD is herobrine!
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    Any guesses to a release estimate?
  10. @Hendies: Even if it's a combination of two plugins, (almost) all will be rewritten from scratch.
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    Looking forward to it!
    Hoping it will be like Herobrine is supposed to be.
    Occationally scare the s**t out of the player, but doing nothing to destroy the world.
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    So any news about this plugin?
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