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  1. Plugin category: INFO/CHAT

    Suggested name: HelpShelf

    What I want: I'd like my players to be able to read tutorials with a simple click of a bookshelf, and not read a wall full of signs. The texts could be saved in a .txt file in the plugin folder. And you would create a "HelpShelf" bookshelf by placing a sign on it saying:


    tutorial 1

    And with that it would link the bookshelf with the txt file named "tutorial 1.txt", and possibly color the "tutorial 1" on the sign in a green color, and remove the [HelpShelf] line(so it looks really nice).
    The player would then just right-click the sign or bookshelf and read the message from their chat.

    Also no, there aren't any updated/working/lightweight plugins like this, that work with java6. I've been looking for it for hours yesterday.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: helpshelf.create (or just OP default)

    When I'd like it by: This week

    Anybody interested in making it? :/

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    Essentials does this! With the [Info] Signs.
  3. Essentials is too big of a plugin to have just for that feature :/
    And I have bad experiences with it, so I'm not using it. But thanks for the suggestion!

    Bump filled with hope. :confused:

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    i have seen this somewhere! ill look around!
    something like this: Server Signs
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    VariableTriggers can do this you just have to read the docs to learn how and after that you will find yourself creating a compleatly new uniqe server. Creating your own plugin like features all done with this one plugin.
  6. VariableTriggers is just too big for my server, as I've already downloaded all other plugins, and I just need this tutorial one, without it using too much resources.

    As for the ServerSigns plugin, it's my alternative if nobody is interested to code this plugin. The problem with it is that it has features already included into one of my economy plugins(command/permission selling; part of MoneyShop), and because of that it would take unnecessary memory of the server. Otherwise it's a great plugin, and thanks for the suggestion!
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    You can't expect all plugins to be trimmed down to exactly what you need.

    The unused features of ServerSigns will not use an even slightly noticeable amount of memory on your server..
  8. Of course I don't expect all the plugins to include exactly what I want and nothing more, but I've chosen many plugins that only have a couple of features, which I need, so I don't get lost in all the permissions and commands. And together they form pretty much what I had in mind for the server.

    And as I said... if there's nobody willing to make the plugin, I will use the ServerSigns as an alternative.

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