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    ok so i just instaled Bukkit and World edit. Now im getting a 503 error when i go to log in. I also need to add more ram but i dont know how. I have plenty of RAM but i dont know how to allocate it to the server. i am running on Windows 7 if that helps
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    HTTP Error 503 - Service unavailable ?

    if that is what you are getting you are doing something really wrong..

    at any rate, we need a lot more info to help you..

    fill this out by copying the questions to this page and answering them.
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    503 is also apparently a minecraft error.. so nevermind the 'doing something really wrong' thing..
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    Yeah. is down atm as it has been weekend now for months! So you will just have to wait =/
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    thats weird. worked last night
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    ok so then how do i add more RAM
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