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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by BoomScoom, Jan 5, 2015.

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    Don't think you can as that's pretty much built-in to Essentials.
    (sender teleported targeted to location)
    What causes it? Using /tp from console?
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    @nbrandwine My custom built plugin. When I type /hub it says that.
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    Seems like you're your teleport command is being overriden by essentials because that's just how it looks. Perhaps changing priority to override essentials commands...? Perhaps you can pm or post your teleport cmd
  5. @BoomScoom There's no reason that should happen - post the source of the plugin please, I suspect it is doing something it shouldn't be in order to teleport.

    @nbrandwine You have to keep all conversation on the thread :)
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    Oh, alright. I just said because "Hey, if it's a custom it's probably private" and the whole thing.
    I also agree with @AdamQpzm, @BoomScoom, please post your teleport section of your plugin.
  7. @nbrandwine Well maybe it is private, but if it is then I guess they'll have to get help from someone in private rather than on these public forums :p
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    Larry Newman

    @BoomScoom I highly doubt it's your 'custom made plugin.' Essentials gives priority to other plugins using Essentials commands. If it's an alias ,/hub ,that is used for executing the console command /spawn !name then it's just like typing it into the console.
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