HELP! WorldEdit crashes my MC all the time!!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by PapiDimmi, Mar 4, 2013.

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    My Minecraft crashes when using WorldEdit on my server!
    I got the latest version of WG and WE and Im not selecting big area!

    Also, here's crash report on MC:
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    Well if it's your client, why are you asking it at Bukkit Help?...
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    get a new computer??
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    Oh yeah, abra cadabra, poof, a new computer :)
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    Go vanilla? Try a force update and use it with no mods.
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    well theres no other fix -_- either buy a new one or deal with it.

    abra cadabra, poof, go to best buy

    lets see heres all the problems i can see right away but fixing them will barely help because you have a terrible computer

    force update then only put in optifine then while your new comp is in the mail dont try to w/e millions of blocks ;)

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  7. I also get weird crashed only by using WorldEdit. I'm using a clean minecraft jar, then i'm installing WorldEdit, but still sometimes (very often) when i fx: Right clicks fast or something it just crashes ? I really need some help :/
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    "Is Modded: Very likely; Jar signature invalidated"
    say again?
  9. =?
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    well thats not my problem that your computer is terrible i gave you an option on how to fix it (the only option) now you either agree with that answer or just dont use worldedit there was no need for the f-word in there sir
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    you do know that the crash report, never once, complained about being out of resources.
    he doesnt need to get a new computer when it doesnt have anything to do with the error.
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    For the record, that error occurs when a chest is changed to a non chest. It's a bug in vanilla mc and is on the issue tracker IIRC.
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    same thing happens to me. And its not my computer, because i have a brand new one with a AMD A8 processor. its probably just the jar signiture
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