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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Axelthecritic, Sep 12, 2011.

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    Hi, i was looking at some plugins and i came across DynMap. So i thought it was interesting and saw what I needed to do. But it seems that I needed a site. I have no problem with this, I wanted to make a site for my server a long time ago, but i'm not sure if I need a special code or something. I'm a noob at HTML and code, so..... yeah.
    By the way, my friend started making a site, and he's making it free because he's not using the typical "http://" he's using something else that's lighter. Is this wrong on our part? Should we do it on a normal site? If so, where can I get a free one (hopefully without a
    And finally, what is MySQL, Apache and PHP?
    Thanks in advance!
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    For starters, the whole website thing has nothing to do with Bukkit whatsoever, however, I can tell you right now that you are going to need a lot of help. HTML (along with CSS) is probably going to be the bulk of your website. I don't know what this "lighter than http://" means because http is a protocol that you use to access any and all websites. There isn't any alternative to this. Also, if you don't know how to make a website, you probably won't be able to set up DynMap. Also, any free websites will be Apache is another thing that fancy websites use. If someone hosts the website for you and really dumbs it down for you, there will probably be a little bit of Apache built into it that you won't need to worry about.

    MySQL is a way to create and manage databases. Everything from Bukkit plugins to websites and more use it.
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    The best free solution I can give for a free site is vanilla forums. Don't know about posting links in here, so just google it. They host a free forums for you and your friends to discuss stuff. Nothing to set up really and no worries about Apache, PHP, or anything else. The extra stuff is really best to just leave it out, you don't need it anyways. The only way to have your own short domain is just to pay about 15 dollars a year and register one. Then ask the company you bought it off of how to make goto

    Edit: just found a plugin that sets up a small html site for you...the author also makes a lighter version of dynmap. Completely bypasses need for Apache.
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    I like the Vanilla Forum thing....
    Btw, what does BukkitHTTPD do? I don't really understand it...
    How do i install it on Vanilla Forums?
    And how do I set up BananaMapRender?
    Thanks for your help!
    And you too, @Supersam654
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    Ok, you might not like my help but I am going to do my best.

    I know this might not seem like I am helping but based on your posts you are going to want to use that link, you have some very basic questions that need to be answered before you jump into this whole website thing. I would ask that if you run across a term you don’t understand (same for programs like MySQL) you search Google for the information.

    You will educate yourself much faster then asking here, plus you will most likely find better help with the links Google provides.

    If you understand how to use Google you will find that someone has asked and received an answer for any question you can ever think up.
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    MySQL is a database.
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    @Axelthecritic I'm not trying to be cryptic or an a-hole but trying to describe Bukkithttpd over a forum is very hard for me to do. Basically when a server goes to your address, it tells it to go visit the website you built. It is like a traffic cop. It listens for anything on port 80 (default one used for web) and if someone shows up, it says "hey go to this page".
    Banana Map Render will be hard to help you on forum also. If you have any voice software, just pm me and maybe I can walk you through it one day when we both have free time. :)

    That goes for anyone in these forums, if I know an answer I can help. If I don't I will go find the answer for you. All I ask is patience and at least try to find the answer yourself first.
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