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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by chill1977, Jan 26, 2011.

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    I have recently added Guardian due to some structures being blown up. I have TNT disabled both in placing and usage in the settings.yml.

    I wanted to add players that could use TNT, over-riding the settings folder. I used the permission file with Guardian and typed out each name seperated by commas, but this did not work.

    I then went to the forum and saw that the permission nodes are general.exempt.usage and .placing, so I then tried adding that to the group in the Permissions config.yml., that didnt work.

    I then added those lines to the individual users under permissions, that didnt work either. I have tested every yml with the online website and they have all been good, but still cant get players so they can use tnt without giving everyone the right through the settings file. HELP!!!
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    yeah. I have this exact same problem so would be cool if anyone knows the answer
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    Got it

    Simpy add 'guardian.exempt.usage' and/or 'guardian.exempt.placing to the individual or groups permissions in the permissions folder

    guardian , not general *facepalms*

    Thanks to TehSeph for pointing this out!!!
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