Help with griefers please.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by callumpy, Feb 10, 2012.

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    Hey, I just recently decided to list my server on a list of servers and within minutes, I had about 30 new players join my server. A good 5 or 6 of them people had joined just to destroy my server.

    My server is in offline mode so I cannot use MCBans, that is because some friends dont have legit clients yet :rolleyes:.

    I currently have SimpleAntiGrief and iZone installed, but obviously I cant protect everything. I have xAuth to stop people logging into the server as an admin, but I need a decent way to stop people joining just to grief, please give me some ideas.

    EDIT: My server is also running with McMyAdmin Pro with PermissionsBukkit and the Superpermsbridge. I also just installed LogBlock :)
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    Nathan C

    Um, that is part of Minecraft, there is nothing you can do. Especially with offline mode server, those are easy targets for greifers, as they can just use proxies or VPNs, switch IPs and account names in a matter of seconds.

    Online mode and MCbans is how you fix it.
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    Spank them until they cry out in pain.
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    I think ive found a decent way to stop them... using the ThumbsApply plugin. They join the server in a group with no permissions and have to pay a small fee to receive an email containing a password to promote themselves to a different group.

    I doubt people would pay to grief...
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    Good point, but you're going to drive away a lot of people if they have to pay IRL cash to join a server.

    Try a whitelist first, see if it works better.
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    That is something I was worried about, scaring people away from the server. What would you say the best way to operate a white-list is? Im not sure I want to sit and scroll through a bunch of emails and manually add them into the server, are there any plugins to do it for me? :)
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    Post it on mcforums, check the thread at least daily, have everyone post apps on said forums, and slog it out.

    The last time I ran a whitelisted server I ended up writing a script so that I could just paste names in to whitelist them, no need for any typing, but it was a chore nonetheless.
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    That is a good idea, still people could just apply, then I let them in and they grief everything. I feel if I make them pay they will be less likely to grief or they are just wasting money when I ban them. + It will help with server costs if people actually need to pay a small fee.
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    i doubt people will join your server if they have to pay. they might not like the server and they'll lose their money. Plus majority of minecraft players are kids 18 and under, they don't have credit cards or jobs yet.
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    They are probably the ones I don't want in my server though :p

    Also ive came up with a good idea instead of people buying a password. Using BuyCraft people buy the PermissionsBukkit command "/permissions player setgroup <player> Everyone". That way I can make their account expire after a certain amount of time so they need to purchase to play again.
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    Pay-play servers are rare, but the ones out there either make it big time or quickly fail. Even then, they almost always are one time fees...

    Making people play monthly is ridiculous — I don't know many people willing to pay monthly just to be able to play on a small server.
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  12. As far as plugins go, nocheat and maybe a decent anti spam plugin helps, because it makes the greifers actually manually destroy each house without the help of flyhacks etc.
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    You are right, im currently setting up a BuyCraft so that people can pay a small one time fee. If they decide to start griefing they will obviously get their account revoked and will have wasted some money, makes sense to me :)
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