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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Domo-KUN, Nov 2, 2011.

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    Hi I recently just found out that why does normal players are they able to use /gamemode 1 when they are not OP in my ops properties Can someone help me out.Thank You :D
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    check that in server propertys that gamemode is on 0 then reboot the server
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    Yea I check the server properties the gamemode is on 0 it still dosent work
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    @Domo-KUN Are you using a permissions plugin? There is now a permissions node for letting people use server commands such as /gamemode - you may have accidentally given this to them.
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    Erm Yes i do have permissions.Where can i find the permission node?
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    im having the same issue and i did add that node in and its still not working any ideas?
    oh and this is the part were i have the perm node in

    - 'gamemode'
    - 'gamemode.*'
    - 'bukkit.command.gamemode'
    thats in my default group and none work
    i am using a permission plugin also
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    well you sort of want to remove them if you don't want them to have it
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