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    are any of these client only mods
    TooManyItems (id: TooManyItems, version: 1.7.10, authors: [Marglyph])
    Voltz Engine Preloader (id: voltzenginepreloader, version: 0.0.1, authors: [])
    CoFH ASM (id: <CoFH ASM>, version: 000, authors: [])
    SecurityCraft (id: securitycraft, version: v1.8.12, authors: [Geforce, bl4ckscor3])
    bspkrsCore (id: bspkrsCore, version: 6.16, authors: [DaftPVF, bspkrs])
    FloatingRuins (id: FloatingRuins, version: 1.7.10.r02, authors: [DaftPVF, bspkrs])
    AdMinecraft (id: admicraft, version: 1.1.4, authors: [Veillardt])
    AssassinCraft (id: AssassinCraft, version: r130f, authors: [])
    AutoSapling (id: AutoSapling, version: 1.0, authors: [])
    Battle Towers (id: BattleTowers, version: 1.5.1, authors: [])
    CoFH Core (id: CoFHCore, version: 1.7.10R3.1.4, authors: [Team CoFH])
    BuildCraft (id: BuildCraft|Core, version: 7.1.23, authors: [SpaceToad, BuildCraft Team])
    BC Transport (id: BuildCraft|Transport, version: 7.1.23, authors: [SpaceToad, BuildCraft Team])
    BC Factory (id: BuildCraft|Factory, version: 7.1.23, authors: [SpaceToad, BuildCraft Team])
    BC Silicon (id: BuildCraft|Silicon, version: 7.1.23, authors: [SpaceToad, BuildCraft Team])
    BC Robotics (id: BuildCraft|Robotics, version: 7.1.23, authors: [SpaceToad, BuildCraft Team])
    BC Energy (id: BuildCraft|Energy, version: 7.1.23, authors: [SpaceToad, BuildCraft Team])
    BC Builders (id: BuildCraft|Builders, version: 7.1.23, authors: [SpaceToad, BuildCraft Team])
    D3Core (id: D3Core, version:, authors: [Dries007, Doubledoor team])
    DiscordIntegration (id: discordintegration, version: 3.0.4, authors: [Chikachi])
    Floocraft (id: ftfloocraft, version: 1.7.10-1.7, authors: [FredTargaryen])
    IndustrialCraft 2 (id: IC2, version: 2.2.827-experimental, authors: [Alblaka, Player, RichardG, Thunderdark, GregoriusT, alexthesax, Drashian, Elementalist, Feanturi, Lurch1985, SirusKing, tahu44, Aroma1997])
    Flood Lights (id: FloodLights, version: 1.2.8-137, authors: [])
    Forge Auto-Shutdown (id: ForgeAutoShutdown, version: 1.0.1, authors: [RoyCurtis])
    Gods' Weapons (id: godweapons, version: 4.0, authors: [])
    Voltz Engine (id: voltzengine, version:, authors: [DarkCow])
    ICBM-Classic (id: icbmclassic, version:, authors: [Calclavia, DarkGuardsman aka Darkcow])
    In-Game wiki Mod (id: IGWMod, version: 1.1.12-34, authors: [MineMaarten])
    InsiderTrading (id: InsiderTrading, version:, authors: [Dries007, Doubledoor team])
    Insta House (id: instahouse, version: 7.5, authors: [Phobophobe])
    MalisisCore (id: malisiscore, version: 1.7.10-0.14.3, authors: [Ordinastie, PaleoCrafter])
    Malisis Advert (id: malisisadvert, version: 1.7.10-0.5.0, authors: [])
    Malisis' Doors (id: malisisdoors, version: 1.7.10-1.13.2, authors: [])
    Modular Force Field System (id: mffs, version:, authors: [Calclavia])
    Second Screen Mod (id: maxanier_secondscreenmod, version: 1.1.43, authors: [])
    Simple Mod Lister (id: ModLister, version: 1.0, authors: [Dragon2488])
    SEKWAH41's Naruto Mod (id: narutomod, version: 0.5.0b10, authors: [sekwah41])
    Never Enough Currency (id: currency, version: 1.0.5, authors: [])
    PirateCraft! (id: pm, version: 1.0.1, authors: [LeonardoZ3])
    Practicalities (id: JotatosPracticalities, version: 0.6.2, authors: [])
    Revamp (id: Revamp, version: 1.3.1, authors: [])
    Ropes+ (id: RopesPlus, version: 1.6.3, authors: [])
    New Stefinus Guns (id: stefinusguns, version: 0.5.2, authors: [Stefinus321])
    Official Sword Craft Online Mod (id: sco, version: 1.5, authors: [JayGhoul])
    SCO - TeleCrystals (id: SCOTeleCrystals, version: 1.5, authors: [])
    Thermal Foundation (id: ThermalFoundation, version: 1.7.10R1.2.6, authors: [Team CoFH])
    Thermal Expansion (id: ThermalExpansion, version: 1.7.10R4.1.5, authors: [Team CoFH])
    Voltz Engine Mod Compatibility Loader (id: voltzenginemodcompat, version:, authors: [])
    VoltzEngine mod protection, flag, and region system (id: voltzenginemodflag, version:, authors: [])
    WarStuff (id: warstuff, version: 1.3, authors: [bbProgrammer, estplayer])
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