HELP!! Why can't anyone join my server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Theblackaxle, May 20, 2012.

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    I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I have a bukkit server and everything seems to work fine. I can join the server but everyone else can't, I don't know what I'm doing wrong, the start.command works fine, I downloaded a tool kit from Bukkit forums and it didn't do anything. I use mac and got the IP from System Preferences - Network and then it said the IP. I don't know if it's the IP that I messed up on or something. I don't want to use Hamachi and don't necessarily need it, but i need help. Ive been trying to get this stupid server up for just my friends for some time now and I haven't seen any thread or youtube video that helped me so far, and this has to be FOR MAC.

    Please need help! Thanks!
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    please follow this tutorial, it works for mac too, i know this for a fact because i use a mac too!!! lol
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    Oh great thanks it helped a lot but i have one problem and that is when i go to i type in my port (25565) and it says Error: i cannot see your port whatever whatever and he doenst say what to do to fix it.

    Is there a way around that, i have port map. But I'm pretty sure that the no ip thing is only for the people who want only one consistent IP instead how sometimes it may change from time to time. But I have mac and we already have a static IP.. so I'm a little bit confused

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    download port forwarding tool make static then copy 1 of ithe ip's (the " Recommended 1" ) i think
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    that didn't work, is there anyway anyone could make a mine craft server without hamachi or port forwarding because the on the youtube vid he didn't really show how to port forward. ON the website where it listen steps to do, ALL the steps are outdated and i can't find like "Port Mapping" and that crap
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    are you sure your not using your internal ip
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    nope i saw the same ip which were under "external" ip i just need to know how to port forward for the newest version and Mac OSX
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    hi there i read the whole post and i just wanted to point out it would be easyer if u have a preport fowarded vsp.
    if u have this thing called "hamachi" its kind of like a LAN connector . you dont need to do anything cept download hamachi then setup a network and have everyone who wants to join ur sever download hamachi

    P.S is your sever private for only people you know or do you want to make it public?
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    gah, i hate hamatchi. did you portforward correctly and are you giving out the correct IP?
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    yeah i hate hamichi too, and the IP is correct idk, i just seems that i do everything right until it comes to something important, then I'm screwed

    yeah Rattar27 i did everything right on the video, used No IP and got external IP only problem is when i use to check if my port is open it says error. Mainly because my ISP or firewall is disabling the port to forward, does anyone know how to like disable the firewall or how to get around that?

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