[Help!] what's that in my server?

Discussion in 'General Help' started by Hineeko, Nov 16, 2014.

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    First ! i'm so sorry for my english. i don't know what is this (see picture #1) (red massage)

    2 People come to 'A player area (protection stone)' and do something but i don't know what they do. and now i see this message i want to know what they do ? what my plugin bug ? and how to remove that help me plz:: Thanks for help
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Hineeko If it is your server: Please post your plugin list.
    My guess would be preciousstones though.
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    Here it is. Thanks bro for help me :'(
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Hineeko It is ProtectionStones.
    And tagh or quote when you reply to somebody please. Then they will get a notification about it.
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    I'm sorry bro it's my first time to post. What must i do ? in this area
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    I have no idea. Never installed the plugin, never worked with it.
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    Hineeko ...That doesn't look like a message from ProtectionStones to me, it looks like it's coming from GriefPrevention.

    In the picture, the area inside the gold blocks and glowstone markers has been claimed by a player named SkymageTH. Judging by the size of it, it might've been an autoclaim and not even put there on purpose. (GriefPrevention's default autoclaim function works whenever a player puts down their first chest. It then claims a small protected area around the chest that will persist even after the player has removed the chest.) If the claim is in an area that is shouldn't be, you can either have SkymageTH stand inside it and do /abandonclaim or if you have admin perms for GriefPrevention, you can stand inside it yourself and do /adminclaims and then /abandonclaim . This will remove the protected area and restore it to a wilderness state.

    Just curious, but why are you using so many different protection plugins together? I noticed you also have WorldGuard. That makes 3 plugins that essentially do almost the same thing, albeit in different ways. I know some server setups work well with 2 protection plugins working together, but this is the first time I've seen anyone trying to use 3 of them at once.
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    Oh! Thank you master @timtower and JaguarJo It's Work! i can remove that. Thank you so much and i have many question
    1.Can you tell me how they do that ?

    2.My plugin has different plugin? What different plugin tell me please... what you recommand and what must i remove

    3.i have some problam my server effect is bug how the 'instant health' come ? operator not set every command box or not give. If i remove effect all player is will come again Thanks master for help me :'(

  9. Hineeko That is griefprevention, the gold blocks are things are not real if you right click them they turn back into the regular blocks.
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    Are you asking how that area in your first picture became claimed? I tried to explain that it was most likely done by the autoclaim function of GriefPrevention. When a player puts down their first chest, it protects an area around it. This happens by default unless you change some settings in the config file.

    Your server is using WorldGuard, ProtectionStones, and GriefPrevention. All 3 of those plugins are designed to protect areas on the map from player grief. I recommend that you learn more about what each of those plugins do and then you can decide which ones are the best for your server. You probably do not need to use all 3 of them. If you do decide to keep all 3, then you will need to do some configuring with all of them so that they work together rather than conflict.

    I don't know how to help with this one. Hopefully someone else does.
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    Yes. i can do that but it's back again

    Oh! Thanks master you're good. Thanks for teach me. :)

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  12. Hineeko If you want a thread closed report the OP with the reason.
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