HELP: Strange debugging code spam?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Onewingseraphim, Nov 30, 2013.

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    I've been searching everywhere trying to fix this, it's not hurting anything but it's extremely annoying!! Seems to only happen it certain areas more often than some other areas. If anyone knows what is causing this issue please let me know!

    PLUGINS: WorldEdit, ServerMotd, ColorGuide, PermissionsBukkit, neoPaintingSwitch, EpicbossGoldEdition, ZPort, BOSEconomy, Quests, BossShop, Vault, Multiverse-Core, Playerheads, KillerMoney, TreeAssist, WorldGuard, Jail, Dynmap, FastCraft, CommandEdit, CreateYourOwnMenus, GamemodeInventories, ColoredTags, BKcommonlib, Admin360, Acceptrules, Lockette, Sleep, FreezeMod, Herochat, McMMO, SimpleClans, Deathtpplus, Crazycore, Crazylogin, Homespawnplus, PreciousStones, CraftBay, and NoLagg.

    Seems like it has to do with Epicbosses spawning in an area, not exactly sure though.

    UPDATE: I found the problem it has to do with EpicBoss Gold Edition 0.3.0, I reverted back to 0.1.0 and it fixed this issue.
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    Disable your plugins until you find what is causing the issue, then contact that plugin developer and/or update to the latest version
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