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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by AaronL98, Jul 18, 2013.

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    OK, so I'm new to Java and Bukkit kinda, but i have created a few plugins for my server. Now I'm creating a new plugin which I need to store data for the player. The plugin will be run on multiple servers (linked together with bungee cord) and i want to store a number of different variables for each player for example, the players level at combat etc which say the earned level 5 combat or something on server A and they hop onto server B and their combat level is still 5. I have seen other forum posts which are looking for ways to store data but I don't really think they fit my purpose. I have considered storing each players data in a yml file per player but I don't know how effective this will be and if it will work over multiple servers, I have also considered a MySQL database or SQLite but I have never experimented or used them before and don't really have a clue how they are used (except to store data). I'd really appreciate help and please remember, I'm kinda new to Bukkit, i would appreciate it if you are posting code to give me a short rundown of what each part of the code does :)
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    AaronL98 I am trying the exact same thing just I don't even know how to store the hashmaps in YAML. Ya me :D
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    SuperOmegaCow I Dont think you really can because hashmaps are cleared on /reload and server restarts
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    AaronL98 this is hard guess, but if you have all those servers running in the same machine you can create a .yml file and save it on a location you want, and there access it throught the plugins, to that file location.

    Otherwise if they're not i cannot think of any other way but use some sort of Database to store all the data.
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    The servers will be running on a dedicated machine I will be renting, though how would i achieve what im looking for? A per-player file which stores their info such as integers for what level they are and strings for what e.g. class they are?
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    AaronL98 onDisable and reload you can save it to a YAML file I just don't know how.
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    AaronL98 then i guess you can create a file on the root directory and save the .yml file Data there are acess it throught the plugins.
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    What you are gonna need is this:

    plus some knowledge in MySQL(which you can learn practically everywhere, its very simple)
    here, ill even give you a snippet for free*:

    1. FruitSQL sql = new FruitSQL("localhost", "3306", "test", "root", "");
    3. sql.createTable("crossServerStorage", new String[] {
    4. "id VARCHAR(16) PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL", "combatLevel SMALLINT",
    5. "otherStatYouWannaSave SMALLINT" });

    now when a player logs into a server, you check if the mysql table contains his name, if it does, grab the details, if it doesnt, insert a new line to the table containing his new stats:

    1. PreparedStatement st = connection.prepareStatement("INSERT INTO crossServerStorage(combatLevel,otherStatYouWannaSave) VALUES("+player.getName()+",0,0)");

    Youll get the hang of it once you start learning

    *Accepting these snippets for 'free' automatically registers you into the double value extra advantage snippet program which has a 10$ monthly fee and a 20$ registration fee on initial enrollment to the program. Cancellation fee is 40$
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    amitlin14 Thanks, but where can i find out more about fruitsql apart from its thread? I've looked for vids on youtube, ive googled it and nothing but the thread pops up.


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    AaronL98 that is because it is a library created by one of the members in the bukkit community
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    I think im going to go with the storing all yml files in a directory in my dedi-server, any ideas on how this could be done?
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    You can use the FileConfiguration and YamlConfiguration classes to read and write to a YAML file.
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