[HELP] Splash Potions not Working?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Lelo, Aug 29, 2012.

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    For odd an odd reason, splash potions just seem to work on my server. Players can obtain and hold the splash potion, once they right click it, it disappears and makes no splash. There's no problem with normal potions, the problem only persists with splash potions. Help is highly appreciated :)

    Here's my plugins:
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    Do the potions work without WorldGuard installed?
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    Fixed. Apparently if you use the plugin SimpleFly you need to give all your players a perm node; SimpleFly.potion
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    Glad it's fixed :D
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    Is there a gravedigging rule? If so, I am very sorry and delete this post. :(

    But I have the same problem. My plugins are:
    AutoMessenger Release
    Buycraft Mature
    CleanroomGenerator Custom world generator to generate flat clean rooms. y==0 is bed... Release
    CoreProtect Provides block protection for your server. Release
    DisguiseCraft Turn into any mob you want! Release
    TimTheEnchanter There are some who call me... Tim? Release
    Essentials Provides an essential, core set of commands for Bukkit. Mature
    Infinite Machines Gives machines with infinite items in it like Droppers and Dispe... Release
    Lift Simple and easy Lifts and Elevators for Bukkit/Spout Release
    Lockette A simple plugin for locking containers and doors without passwor... Mature
    MobArena Beta
    MobArenaAddon Just more funktions for the MobArena Beta
    Multiverse-Core Release
    Multiverse-Portals Release
    NoCheat ${project.description} Mature
    NoRain Turn of rain... simples! Release
    PermissionsEx PermissionsEx - New powerful users and groups permissions manage... Mature
    PlotMe Handles plot creation, management and protection Release
    QuakeCraft Release
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