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Discussion in 'General Help' started by mclife, Nov 7, 2017.

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    I am trying to run a Minecraft server on just a local network on a Win 10 desktop, connected by ethernet cable to a Uverse Gateway. After I run the MC server.jar file, and then run MC 12.2.2, in multi-player mode, I am able to add the server. I use the IP address obtained by ipconfig which is a dynamic one assigned by Uverse, eg.

    I can see the server and the green bars showing its available, but the problem is when I click Join Server, the connection immediately fails. The error message is "Failed to connect to the server Failed to login: Invalid session." It happens when I try to Join Server from the desktop. On the laptop, I do not even see the server listed when I click MultiPlayer.

    On both the laptop and the desktop, in Windows explorer, I see both computers listed under Network. On the desktop and laptop, I already disabled the Windows firewall for private networks.

    In the Uverse firewall settings (Applications / Pinholes & DMZ) I added this definition to allow an application program through the desktop's firewall:
    Protocol UDP
    Port (or Range) From To 25565 to 25565
    Protocol Timeout TCP default 86400 seconds, UDP default 600 seconds
    Map to Host Port Default/blank = same port as above
    Application Type - left blank
    The Uverse firewall advanced settings are as follows:

    Stealth Mode Enable
    Block Ping Enable
    Strict UDP Session Control Enable
    UDP Session Timeout seconds (60-43200 seconds , default = 600 seconds)
    TCP Session Timeout seconds (300-86400 seconds, default = 86400 seconds)
    Outbound Protocol Control
    Checking the box ALLOWS the associated traffic type through the firewall.
    HTTP Enable
    HTTPS Enable
    FTP Enable
    Telnet Enable
    SMTP Enable
    DNS Enable
    NetBIOS Enable
    POP3 Enable
    IMAP Enable
    NNTP Enable
    IRC Enable
    H323 Enable
    All Other Protocols Enable
    Inbound Protocol Control
    NetBIOS Enable
    Attack Detection
    Excessive Session Detection Enable
    TCP/UDP Port Scan Enable
    Invalid Source/Destination IP address Enable
    Packet Flood (SYN/UDP/ICMP/Other) Enable
    Invalid TCP Flag Attacks (NULL/XMAS/Other) Enable
    Invalid ICMP Detection Enable
    Miscellaneous Enable

    Does that seem correct? What might I be missing? Thank you.
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    What exactly do you mean by this? What is the return message? Are there any messages in the server console stating that you had attempted to join?

    Also, have you tried using "localhost" for the ip? Can you connect through that?
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    The MC multiplayer error message is Failed to connect to the server Failed to login: Invalid session. In the server console, there are no messages after the Done when it finishes loading.

    I am able to connect to public MC servers. I tried direct connect to and got the same error message.
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    Well, there's your problem; your session is invalid, which has nothing to do directly with the connection to the server. Try the following:
    1. If you are using a cracked account, modded client, uses an old client, or any other difference to the default, newest version, make sure that you are using the newest version.
    2. Close out and sign back into the game. If you wait too long (more then 10 minutes) waiting in the main menu, your verification key may expire, meaning you cannot can connect to any servers at the point, returning this message.
    3. Make sure you are connected to the internet. Even if this is supposed to be a lan/private server, bukkit needs to connect to mojang servers in order to authenticate your client.
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