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    My first from scratch made plugin. Fairly simple, still, worth installing on a server.
    /bhelp: Submits a ticket
    /bleft: Checks the number of tickets left
    /bhdone: Deletes a ticket
    When you first install the plugin and use it on your server, this will show up
    You have to go into the Config file I made, and replace "InsertNameHere" with the desired name of your plugin. The download will be a zip file so you can alter the config file easily.
    ps. First thread, still getting known to the environment.

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    Are these support tickets (i.e. like ModTRS and ReportRTS)? If so, I'd recommend using them as examples to guide your own plugin updates, and find something about them that you can improve :)

    Simpler commands are also usually better (e.g. get players to type /help instead of /bhelp). They're slightly easier to remember.

    Good luck!

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