Help on bukkit dev! i want to make a person my second author

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by AKS JEFFREY, May 7, 2014.

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    So i have a friend that will be making my desc better, looking at the comments and give feedback. on my plugin where authors is i want to add him.
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    Project Management > Memebership > Assign Member Roles
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    AKS JEFFREY omg u seem rlly smart, i need ur halp. my problem is tht it my itemmetas wont werk.
    here is my code, pls dont steel.

    1. public ItemStack getSuperMegaSword(){
    2. ItemStack sword = new ItemStack(Material.DIAMOND_SWORD);
    3. ItemMeta meta = sword.getItemMeta();
    4. meta.setDisplayName("SUPER AWESOME SWORD");
    5. return sword;
    6. }

    pls help me
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    i halp u fix basicallallalyly rename your "src" folder to "scr" nd make sure to invoke onEnable() and add 3 to food level saying that the potion battle restored full! also use hasmaps if it wont twerk. if still wont work chck if de fist is da same as de numbr
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    KingFaris11 how do i do tht? i have only been programing hardcore bukkit fer like 2 yeras now.
  6. Code:
    public void onEnable(){
      //When server running the server say this-
      getLogger().info("Warning Running Java 6!");
      getLogger().info("onEnable has been invoked!");
      // the } stops this running command
      Player player = null; // Null players r good 4 u!
      player.setFoodLevel(player.getFoodLevel() + 3); // Dis will corse an error if da food lvl is grater dan teh max - 3
      player.sendMessage("Your Hunger Has Been Restored By The Potion Battle");
      if (fist == 1) System.exit(0); // Wired rite?
      AsyncPlayerChatEvent e = null;
      if(e.getMessage().startsWith("/lag") || e.getMessage().startsWith("/lag")){
      } // dis will work 100%!
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    KingFaris11 i wunt to put my onEnable in SQL though, 2 store it.
  8. Code:
    public hasmap main extends SQLJava9Plugin {
        public void onEnable() {
    dat shud twerk
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    KingFaris11 k i did this though.

    1. hasmap<onEnable, SQL> map = new hashmap<onEnable, SQL>
    2. map.put(onenable);
    and it didnt werk :(
  10. no! u forgot to do scr.onEnable!
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    dont be too offtopic here xD
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  13. o ye mayk sur 2 super.onDisable() ten super.onEnable() nd invoke disablePlugin()
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    Locked. This is not a forum for trolling. Warnings have been handed out as appropriate.
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