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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TheMCBukkitTut, Jun 1, 2014.

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    Good day Ladies and Gentleman,

    Im wanting to make a youtube channel for bukkit tutorials such as:

    1. Plugins
    2. Coding
    3. Minecraft Game Play
    4. Bukkit Tutorials (setting up servers etc)
    But i need to know a good name for my channel, theres only one i know at the moment and that is Bukkit Tutorials. I would like a unique enough name following the videos i will do that i said above.

    Please help me find one and ill try to help your channel out the best. Putting it in the Recommended Channels box of the youtube page i will make.

    Thanks for reading and spam youtube names at me!!]

    - Jacob

    UPDATE: i will need some graphical people too add me on Skype if interested in making some graphics for me

    Skype = boss200714
  2. BukkitCrafter, PluginCrafter, CraftPlugins, MCBukkitTUT
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    Thanks for a reply i will keep these in mind. I'm liking the CraftPlugins and MCBukkitTUT
  4. Just try to sit still for a minute and clear you're head and think of minecraft and bukkit.
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    Okat thanks again :)
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    BUMP can anyone do any graphics or think of a name to help me?? by the looks of it Bram0101 might win the recommended channels competition.
  7. FrankJeuxYT
    What do you mean with graphics? Sorry I'm dutch.
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  9. For my channel I create animation, so that could be something, but I'm dutch so it could be that there's where it could go wrong. So I pass on the opportunity to create graphics for you.
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    Ah okay I get it :)
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