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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by silas1907, Nov 16, 2017.

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    i changed my name on minecraft and now my nick is my old name on my server minecraft
    Can you help me
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    Your nick is your old name because you set it to your old name when you got it. Updating your name does nothing to the plugin nickname because its told to set your name to what your you set. And what you set was your old nickname. Its just like you can change your nick to turtle, if you change your name, it still will be turtle. The plugin does not know that the original nickname was your player name. So when you updated it, it doesn't change.
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    Relog on your Launcher
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    Let me see if I can understand what you mean. You mean you have changed your nickname on your server by doing something like this:

    /nick MyNewNickName
    However, you have now changed your Minecraft user name by logging into and clicking 'change' next to your Minecraft name and you now want your nickname to be the same as your new Minecraft username?

    If this is correct, then it is an easy problem to solve. You just need to follow @JustRendering advice in their comment above, but depending on the server version and plugins you are using, there may be one of two ways you need to do this.

    For Server version 1.12 or later running EssentialsX 1.12 or later, try this:

    /nick YourMinecraftName
    That remove your nickname and allow you to just display your new Minecraft username (tried at it works).

    For earlier server versions or earlier versions of EssentialsX or Essentials - or any other plugin that allows you to set nicknames you may have to do one of these

    /nick CurrentNickName NewNickName
    /nick CurrentNickName off
    /nick off
    remember to always check the instructions for your particular server version/plugin version before you enter any commands.

    Hope I helped XD
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