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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by tryfme, Feb 16, 2014.

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    Hello bukkit members :)!I am making a new minigame for bukkit.Please help me to disable all comands except /minigame leave and /minigame vote.The player data is saving in config.yml.Please help me to make a check if the player is in the data, then disable all commands.
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    Install PermissionsEX and set the only permission nodes that the group default has to the nodes of '/minigame leave' and '/mingame vote'. To do the second part, make a group of the people in the config.yml and have this apply to them.
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    Im fine with the permissions dude.I can't make it when the players joined the minigame(and automaticly join the config.yml) to disable all commands except /minigame join and /minigame leave.
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    Are you asking for a plugin that disables commands, or for someone to write the code to do this?
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    Im asking for code.I tried a lot ways to do it, but nothing happened.

    When the player joined, he will automatticly joined to HashMap(now im trying with this ..).But again this script does not work, please Help ^^.

    public void onPlayerCommandBlock(PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent e) {
    if (players.containsKey(e.getPlayer().getName())) {
    if (!e.getMessage().contains("leave")) {
    e.getPlayer().sendMessage("You can not use commands while ingame!");

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    Moved to plugin reqs.
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    Reqs or dev?
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