Question Help me with Essentials name please im desperate!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Matroy, Dec 28, 2014.

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    prefix: "§2[Builder]"

    permissions: []
    - builder

    The Builder color is blue or something, but the players name got blue color aswell, how do i fix so only the Builder rank has blue color and not the players name?
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    @Matroy Can you paste your essentials config.yml as well as your permissions file (Using instead of pasting it straight onto the page).
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    Larry Newman

    The prefix should have &r after it.

    So instead of this
    prefix: "§2[Builder]"

    It should be this
    prefix: "§2[Builder]&r"

    The &r tag resets colors and formatting so it's normal :p Basically what was happening was that the prefix was carrying color into the name because it wasn't cut off by a &r tag.
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    @PolarCraft Sure.
    Essentials cfg:

    If you can find it, please help me find where it is in essentials cfg:
    ''Players lose xp on death'' or something like that, i found it and set it to true, now i wanna change it back and i've been looking so much but i gotta be blind or something but i can not find it =S

    @Larry Newman Nope, still not working :oops:

    And if it helps, i can show you a pic


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