Help me with bPermissions update, please?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by rogvid700, Feb 25, 2012.

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    Awhile back, bPermissions completely revamped their permissions system, and there are a lot of differences. I am currently using version 1.8.2b. I would like to update to the latest version, (2.9.0), but I really get confused when setting it up. I import all of my permissions and set up the groups, and users, but something always goes wrong with the YAML. I check my YAML all the time, and usually fix the problem, but then I get errors in the console.​
    I would really, really appreciate it, if someone could create a groups and users files. I would put all the permissions in, but I just need help with how to set up my groups and prefixes.
    Here is the info I require:
    The inheritance is just the group below the selected group. Ex, Admin inherits Semi-Admin.
    Priority: Admin has top priority, then Semi-Admin, then Architect and so on. :D
    `Admin - '&0[&6Owner&0]&b'
    `Semi-Admin - '&f<&9Semi-Admin&f>&b'
    `Architect - '&f<&2Architect&f>&a'
    `VIP-Member - '&4[&6VIP&4]&f'
    `Member - '&f<&cMember&f>'
    `Guest - '&8<&7Guest&8>&f'
    There are two players that need to be classified into the "Semi-Admin" group, but JUST THEIR prefixes need to be different than that of the Semi-Admin.
    Prefix Exceptions:
    Player IBESIANN - '&f<&4N&cy&ea&2n&1C&9a&5t&d<3&f>&b'
    Player IBESOPHIEE - '&0<&cDINORAAAAWR&0>&b'
    And finally I will need 6 world folders, (That include the groups and users files).
    CaSe SeNsItIvE!
    1. FlatWorld
    2. SianCity
    3. SkyLand
    4. YouCraft
    5. YouCraft_nether
    6. YouCraft_the_end
    Remember, I will put the permissions in myself, I just need it set up. :)
    You will be rewarded with $15,000 in funds on my server.
    You will have a statue of your skin in the "Hall of Admins."
    Gain Access to VIP-Member rank.
    NOTE: This goes to the first player to submit a FUNCTIONAL bPermissions file. For example, you may be the fifth person to post, but your file, is the only one that works correctly, and you would gain the reward.
    Please help me out if you can! I would be so thankful! Permissions writing is one of my weak points! Thank you so much, everyone on this site is amazing, and sure better than me, please help out!


    Could someone please help? :D

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    switch to PermissionEx or Groupmanager :p But then again u don't rly seem to need any help, cause you've got all the necessary info and knowledge to do this yourself :p

    EDIT: Also you need a good chat-managing plugin to be able to use prefix's and suffix's
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    Hm, I guess I never really thought of switching permissions systems, thanks! I'll try it! :)

    It worked! Everything is great, and I have an updated plugin! Thanks!

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    Did you switch? If not I'll be happy to help you getting it to work.

    In future if there's an error if you tell me the error I can help you fix it!
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