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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by levisn1, Jun 7, 2012.

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    Im looking to buy a new server for host my Mynecraft, but I have some doubt about who is better between these servers:

    Intel Xeon i7 W3520
    4x2(HT)x2.66+ GHz
    8 MB L2 - QPI 4.8 GT/sec
    Virtualizzazione: Istruzioni VT
    Tecnologia Turbo Boost @ 2.93GHz
    64 bits
    24 GB DDR3
    Intel SSD 320
    2x 120 GB
    raid:SOFT 0/1
    GigaEthernet 1 Gbit/s


    AMD Opteron 4174
    6x 2.30+ GHz
    6 MB L3 -
    QPI 6.4 GT/sec
    Virtualizzazione: Instructions AMD-V
    64 bits
    32 GB DDR3
    2x 2TB - SATA2
    raid: SOFT - 0/1
    GigaEthernet 1 Gbit/s

    who win??
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    Second one has more RAM, but I don't know much about the mobo or CPU, so I'd say #2.
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    32 GB of RAM, in my opinion, is excessive. Personally, I would go for option 1, Intel CPU and an SSD seem key to me.
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