HELP! Maximum string length error.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Timmmeh, Jan 2, 2014.

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    Error.png Is there any fix for this?
    • The one trying to connect is my friend
    • His name is only 5 letters long. ( if the error is caused by length of the name)
    • Timmm is me ( I'm able to connect)
    • I'm using Hamachi

    Thanks in advance!
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    Please list your plugins.
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    Its a newly created server. So it currently has no plugins. the folder is empty! Thats the weirdest part. :/

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    bump!! in need of help! :(
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    Did you try to create a new server?
    Create a new folder and try it again might fix it, otherwise there are some smart people out here I guess that can help
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    Just to let you guys know. Im using a cracked minecraft laucher. I'm not sure whether its appropriate to post here. But yeah..


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    Timmmeh Probably assuming since it's an offline server and you are using a cracked launcher, it must be something wrong with your name. Bukkit also doesn't provide support for offline servers.
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    Locked -- we don't support offline mode here because of the numerous inherent issues.
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