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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by isingoutofkey, Aug 16, 2021.

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    Hello there friends! I come asking advice. I know this doesn't fall under the normal game creating umbrella and is nothing compared to the real talent, but I've been messing with this idea and having alot of fun and I don't know where to get advice like this so if anyone can help it would be so much appreciated! If this is the wrong place and someone could direct me to the right one that would also be much appreciated!I have been creating a world in Minecraft now for a few months, I don't have a server and I'm not trying to recruit or advertise anything at all, but I wanted to get some opinions or help from the community!

    The idea of the world is an entire town and outskirts of said town and it is essentially a diamond hunt. a set amount of diamonds will be in the map and i have it all walled off so people know the boundaries (it's pretty expansive) and I can also add more and keep expanding. to note I'm playing java edition on a PC.

    Getting to the diamonds is fun as it is part of exploring the very detailed town, there are traps, puzzles and mazes and hidden paths to find to get them, and many ways to die while doing so. I was looking into starting a realm but realized I'm not sure it would work for what I want to do so I figured I would ask here if anyone has any guidance

    Ideally I would be able to set the spawn point and also have an intro/text setup this somewhat simple and nonsense story, then from there the player would be off on the hunt, the goal being to find all 20 diamonds on the map hidden in chests. Ideally as well the player could only use mods or skins approved, and wouldn't be able to destroy anything in the world as it would make the hidden things useless. I do think it would be cool to have enemies turned on though and i did hide swords in chests throughout the map of varying qualities as well as armor.

    Ideally if you died or got stuck you would have to restart, so the only way to truly win is to find all the diamonds and get them without dying/or if monsters are on maybe more of a "dark souls" style where between the finding and exploring and enemies the diamonds don't need to respawn because getting them all will be rewarding and challenging enough. If not hen the game would also need to respawn the diamons and items in chests if possible when you died or restarted and I certainly have no idea how to do that as well.

    Having just a server to do this I realized wouldn't make sense because the experience and idea is for the player to find all of the diamonds, and having multiple people on a map would kind of ruin that idea. I'm not sure if it's possible to make this something people could download, or host it a different way, I'm honestly clueless and I hope this makes sense to anyone haha.

    I'm not sure if there is a way to have people download the experience or how I would really make it past what I have if so, or if there is a way to do a server or a realm where everyone enters a hub and then can be transported to their own single player experience? The only worry I have about letting people download it is they could use mods easily and cheat which I guess isn't the end of the world.

    Like I said the map (well first draft) is basically almost done, and it's pretty cool I think and quite large and detailed, I'm just not sure how to execute past here and I would love for people to be able to play and enjoy it. If anyone has any advice would love to talk or hear and would be happy to show anyone what i've been working on, thank you! <3
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