HELP!! city to overcrouded of buildings!!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Xin_TiGeR, Apr 22, 2011.

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    something is wrong with ur card mate, mine uses 30% when i walk around when minecraft is rendering the world.
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    oh for crying out loud, can you read within context or only word by word?
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    Minecraft not using the gpu ? I lol'd. On my OC'ed GTX460 it's usually using 30% of the gpu on my build world at 1080P and I almost never get < 100FPS. Fail thread is fail

    You should post a screenshot with afterburner open, it's the only program i trust for gpu usage.
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    thats because your gpu has cuda technology, go search for that please...
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    Lol even more fail, that has nothing to do with it. DO you even know what cuda is ? Do some more research.

    Java can't even use CUDA without some special libs, and i haven't seen them in minecraft.
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    java cant, but other programs can, like windows and some other windows aplications... in that way takes some effort from the cpu itself leaving it more focus for the java in minecraft...
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    Man, just stop. You are making fool of yourself pretty unnecessarily...

    Have you tried removing those signs?
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    lol did i say something wrong? you guys started with the subject of the graphics card wich is the most irrelevant thing in this case, at least not so relevant as the other normal 3d games...

    i will try remove the signs later on, that sounded like a good tip and it has some logic...
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    The simpliest and most effective way would be to delete minecraft.exe from your computer.

    Please take my advice and post pictures, thanks.
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    Also, if you are on a Mac, delete the Minecraft application. On Linux, delete the nice minecraft.jar.
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    plz no more trolling... if you want to help its ok, i dont want to argue here anymore...
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    Infraction has been given for this message by anon. Missleading others.

    spoiler (open)
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    alright I don't like to repeat myself but.


    1 Delete all signs

    2 test new opengl option

    Thank you, please report back and don't feed the trolls and don't get fed.
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    I had the same problem today with our spawn. Just started a new world.
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    Nathan C

    PM me your server, and I will join with my laptop and show me where you lag. If I don't lag, then you definitely have a problem with your PC and may need to reinstall some things. I once had a lag trap though on my old server. It was some glitch in the map and obliterated everyones fps when you went near that chunk.

    Just stop arguing about the graphics card please. You are making a fool of yourself.
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