HELP!! city to overcrouded of buildings!!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Xin_TiGeR, Apr 22, 2011.

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    well, good night all :)

    i have a problem, since the begining of the map i build a city inside walls. everyplayer has a zone 16x16 to build their home.

    the issue is that now the city has over 50 houses, and altough they cannot build to much high, they can build all the way down. SO the zone is suffocating from the constructions... i went from 140fps in a normal area to 15/20 fps inside the city!

    to solve this issue i thought blocking the construction 30 blocks below ground to help with the fps..
    my question is if it is better just to clean up(erase all blocks from there) or fill the area with one kind of block..

    ppl who have experience, and plugin developers who know how bukkit/minecraft/java works please advice me which is the best solution to take in order to improve performance!

    thank you :)

    here is a photo of my city:

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    I have EXACT same issue as you.
    Infact i tried dealing with it today, by deleting every block down to bedrock with worldedit under my city and replacing with stone/dirt for example.... so theres no lava or water down there which may cause lag... no help.
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    Start a new world
    Or use multiverse and start a new world that way.
    I don't particularly like populated worlds, so that's what I'd do.
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    woow really?? thats a great alternative.... thksss.. NOT!!

    start a new world wont solve because i still need to stay with that map... i´ll try clean it up to see if it gets better..
    or at least wait for the bukkit update 1.5 to see if performance issues improve...
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    Jut for my future reference, what computer do you have? And by lag do you only mean FPS on client or also netwrork lag due to server slowdown?
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    the server is hosted on a dedicated server and i dont know the specs of the cpu.. it has 3gb ram and cpu speed 2.3ghz..

    me and my players dont feel lag in the city, but the performance suffers a lot.. i just want to get rid off those low fps rates..
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    This is gonna sound stupid but I use a separate computer to host servers (not just not minecraft) and that cpu is directly connected to my modem. I have 0 lag with a city bigger then that. :D Not exactly the most profitable way but really good alternative.
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    If it's the fps, then post your specs, where the client runs, server has nothing to do with fps
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    i posted on the first post! i usally walk around anywhere with 140fps average, in the city it drops to around 20... doesnt really matter what system do i have but my cpu is a phenom X4 3.0ghz, 4gb ram ddr3 win 7 x64

    for me is playable but for the most of the people who get around 9fps is not so good...
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    and the graphics card?
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    Have you tried > Video Settings > Advanced OpenGL yet? That's new since MC 1.5 and it's supposed to not render, what you can't see.
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    Nathan C

    Well, first of all you are using Misa and I bet you are doing so on some weak intergrated graphics.

    Try playing on a more powerful PC, or upgrade your current ones graphics card.
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    are you mocking me??? why da fuck do i need the graphic card for on minecraft??

    the problem is not my pc, IS THE ZONE IN GENERAL!!!

    this has nothing to do with my pc specs... and btw i have a HD4890..
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    I think you should google on what graphic cards do.
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    reallyy??? look, ok so then i can manage for me to have around 10000fps with a new graphic tweak bla bla bla

    and how about the other 90 people who play on my server?? can you get the point?
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    Maybe this should be your first and last thread, you really shouldn't yell at people that are trying to help I admire them for being calm. I believe Nathan was telling you simply to upgrade he wasn't mocking you I don't think. And yes you do need a well rounded graphics card if you have 90 people on your server. I would think servers like that run on different computers.... Anyways yes since you are hosting the server through your main computer I think it would be ideal to up your graphics card a bit in my opinion. And also don't use caps to get your point across or express your emotions. Please and Thank you.
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    i dont have 90 people at the same time!
    like i said before the server is hosted on a dedicated server not my personal pc!

    and if you read careful my first post, i am asking help on how to clean up the area that has low frame rates. of course i know that better pc=to less lag/more fps i just want an opinion to improve the flow on that zone...

    but thanks for the effort anyways i´ll try some experiments on the map..
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    I apologize then. I'm Sorry I guessed I misunderstood you good luck figuring out you server. :)
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    this should help!

    still I heard its kinda buggy, for me it doesnt bug at all and I do feel an increase in fps.

    you should make a motd with this instruction :)

    oh and be more polite, we are trying to help you, there are a LOT of people who come here and just shout random things.

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    This has to be the greatest post on this board so far.
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    Here you stated that it's not lag, but FPS -> I think it'S the client that has problems not server
    Okay this confirms that it's the location, but still it could be the client drawing the location, not server sending it
    Ergo I wanted to know what graphic card you have
    Here you make a fool of yourself
    Well that confirms it, on HD4890 it'S playable, but any integrated graphic card would have a 9fs (which you stated before.

    My conclusion: it's the client that cannot draw so many blocks at one
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    ok captain obviousl... can i give you the rock now?? really, this is becoming funny...

    first... as a plugin developer you should know this things, Java mainly works on cpu, the graphic card for java is almost irrelevant... people who experience around 9fps they usually play on laptops with old dual cores... even the textures are loaded by the cpu, only some small improvements like ambient oclusion are delivered for the gpu... [​IMG]
    see the picture??? o% gpu and around 33% cpu (mainly because java works bad with multicore)

    and what i asked was a method to decrease the low fps in that zone!!! if i should clean the underground or fill it with some kind of block like dirt ou stone...

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    Oh your fantastic logic
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    Why do I even bother?
    I have a quadcore 3GHz with intel integrated and minecraft has 15 FPS on a new map, so just do your homework...

    As for the solution to your problem, you have to decrease the amount of different blocks in one place. How you choose to do it is your decision.
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    yes graphic cards always helps even in small tasks, but for this game is not the revelant factor.. only some Nvidia with cuda cores could be more helpfull since they also do some of the cpu work...
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    oh, so all the graphics is done by the CPU? wow I did not know they can do that, I'll sell my nvidia and go play crysis on my intel i7, THANKS!
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    use worldedit, select all city, replace all signs with air.

    I saw a older post that showed great client performance issues by the number of signs on a area. Cities usually have tons of signs.
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    but thats because is probably botlenecking the hole pc... a quad core with integrated gpu doenst make to much sense...

    ok, buts thks for the anwser ill try to fill the bottom of the map there with dirt... maybe helps..
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    Right, because when compiling code as a programmer working for a firm, we should all get high.end gfraphic cards...

    This just show s your narrow field of view...

    And no it's not bottlenecking, you obviously have no idea how the computer works, just throw terms around to look smart...
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    sorry to say, but for a guy who works with java code you dont seem to know how the things work... of course cpu can do graphics work... PS3 with cell processor remember?? but in normal life is easier, cheaper and smarter just to have a gpu aside of course.. its like try to transport goods from one country to another in a mini cooper instead of a truck :/
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