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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by stfupls, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Hello people,

    i want to host my server on beastnode.
    couple questions:

    how do i make a website + .com with beastnode (and is it possible)
    same for teamspeak how i make a free server with it?
    if i buy chicken how long do i got it?

    diamond for you <33
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    You register a web site and point it to your beastnode IP.

    Teamspeak is a separate service, you can host it yourself or pay someone to host it for you.

    I imagine you pay by the month.
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    Yeah if you pay for the chicken package, you will have it for a month before you renew it again.
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    thanks but now i still dont understand how to make a website.
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    Type that into :)
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    i did b4 on youtube/google but no helps, pls tell me!
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    You have to pay if you want Beastnode to host your website. Check the web hosting tab on their front page. As for how to make it, first you need to decide exactly what to use.. Joomla, Wordpress, plain ol' html, etc. If you aren't up for learning how to use one of those, your best bet would be to pay more for something like Squarespace or some guild host like Enjin.
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    thank you, when i try to buy a website it says out of stock i can make a free 000webhost or something website its not a .com but i dont really care its only for threats/posts what should i do?
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    If all you want are forums then go with Enjin.
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    arnie231 can hope someone can save you from that post.
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