Solved Help, All new players are joining as creative.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Thepookster, Jan 26, 2012.

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    I'm having an odd issue that I can't seem to discover the root cause of.

    I recently opened up my server to let some new people join and an odd issue was occurring, any new person that joined was starting out in creative mode, which shouldn't be happening as both of my worlds are set to survival.

    Once the player took a portal to another map, it changed them to survival like it should and they stayed that way going forward even after disconnecting and re connecting they were still in survival.

    I have wen't through every config file I can find and can't seem to find out why this is happening. I'm able to reproduce it with my second account by deleting the character profile from the server.

    Here is a list of plugins I'm using:

    Essentials (chat, groupbridge, groupmanager, protect, spawn)
    Creative Gates
    Creeper Heal
    Multi inv
    Multiverse (core, portals, nether-portals)
    World Boarder
    World Edit/Guard

    The Game modes are managed by Multiverse and all maps are set to survival.

    Any help is appreciated as I have had to shut my server down for the time being until I get this resolved.
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    I don't know about multiverse but check that the gamemode is 0. Or Survival. Check your server config file and make sure the gamemode is 0. Other than that I can't help you.
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    Wow I cant believe that's all it was, here I am looking at all the plugin settings. not sure how the server properties got changed but that seems to have fixed it.

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