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    Plugin category: FUN
    Suggested name: HELLJUMP
    What I want:
    Ideas for commands: /hj ect...
    Ideas for permissions: jelljump.join ect...
    When I'd like it by: Take your Time.
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    DPOH-VAR did you make this? Is this made with a script?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    This is a script indeed, this video is multiple on the page of VarScript, no code found
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    Helljump (module for VarScript)
    It is difficult to configure.

    1) install VarScript plugin

    2) install PowerNBT plugin

    3) download module Helljump: [pastebin]
    put to plugins/VarScript/scripts/vs/modules/Helljump.vs

    4) download module PlayerSaver [pastebin]
    put to plugins/VarScript/scripts/vs/modules/PlayerSaver.vs

    5) Check commands:
    /> @VarScript PRINT
    - print varscript version. required 0.5.4+
    /> @PowerNBT PRINT
    - print PowerNBT version. required 0.5.4+
    /> @Helljump PRINT
    - print "Helljump". If null - Helljump module is not installed
    /> @PlayerSaver PRINT
    - print "PlayerSaver". If null - PlayerSaver module is not installed

    6) reload server

    7) build arena

    8) create varscript task in file

    enabled: true
    - VS OBJECT %config
    - VS 11 @config.>X
    - VS 22 @config.>Y
    - VS 33 @config.>Z
    - VS 10 @config.>Radius
    - VS "world" @config.>World
    - VS "First Arena" @config.>Name
    - VS @config @Helljump:makeArena RUNTIME.>FirstArena

    Where 11,22,33 - coordinates od center of arena (x,y,z);
    "world" - world of arena;
    10 - radius of arena.
    "First Arena" - custom name of arena;
    FirstArena - variable name;

    9) Check command:
    /task FirstArena
    - print full of this task. If task is not exists, use /task FirstArena create and check it again

    10) Create commandblock with command:
    > PLAYERS ME 4 SPHERE SCAN NULL @FirstArena:start
    it means: scan players in radius 4 from block and start arena

    11) activate commandblock
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    Very nice tutorial, however I did have a few problems;

    1) On start up I was prompted with a message saying, "No platforms defined". But soon figured itself out and was alright, the prompt was gone.
    2) > PLAYERS ME 4 SPHERE SCAN NULL @FirstArena:start - Whenever I execute this command I get an NPE, so then I though that the problem was the @FirstArena, So I changed it and got myself a "function is null error". Here are the errors, maybe you can make some sense of this: http://pastebin.com/zHVktVu1
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    Check that FirstArena is not null:
    /> @FirstArena PRINT
    if null, your task is disabled or not running correctly
    try to reload task:
    /task FirstArena reload
    if task name is green - it's correct
    if red/yellow - task contains errors
    if gray/lightgray - task is disabled

    if task is disabled, use commands:
    /task FirstArena enable
    /scheduler enable

    if you still have errors:
    add 2 debug lines to FirstArena.yml:
    - VS "First Arena:" BROADCAST
    - VS @FirstArena BROADCAST
    and reload task.
    Also you can contact me to skype or jabber
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    Helljump now works on Groovy

    Installation manual:
    1. Install VarScript 0.6.2 or latest 0.6.X
    2. Install Groovy:
      • Create ./lib directory in the server root
      • Download Groovy (latest binary zip)
      • Find groovy-all-*-indy.jar and put it to ./lib folder
    3. Start server
    4. Wait for message in console:
      [VarScript] load Groovy Scripting Engine 2.*
      lang: Groovy 2.*
      name: groovy,Groovy
      extension: groovy
    5. Make sure that you have groovy script engine:
      1. command /engines display to you all installed script engines
    6. Install workspace helljump:
      • save script: [ pastebin or View attachment script.txt ] to file ./plugins/VarScript/workspace/helljump/Main.groovy
      • load helljump by command /workspace reload helljump or restart server
      • Make sure that helljump has been loaded: /woskspace list
    7. Check that helljump is ready to work: /g> helljump.HelljumpArena - this command should not cause errors
    Create arena and play:
    1. Build arena
      • platforms must be 2x2 of solid blocks
      • each platform shall be surrounded by air blocks
      • but 2 air blocks in upward direction
      • player should not be able to stand on block without receiving damage, except platforms and water blocks
      • you can use different solid blocks in one platform
      • maximum number of players equal to the number of platforms
      • note that when a player hits the water or gets damaged, he leaves the game
      • when player leaves the arena, changing the game mode, teleport, leave server - he also leaves the game
    2. stand in the center of arena and run command: /g> arena = new helljump.HelljumpArena("MyArena", me.location, 10, workspace)
      • arena - variable name
      • "MyArena" - display name of arena
      • me.location - center of arena (your location)
      • 10 - radius of arena (it must cover all platforms with a small margin)
      • workspace - current workspace.
    3. play: /g> arena.play me, Player1, Player2, ...
      • arena has 10 seconds lobby-time (configurable), you can add players to the game during this time
    4. stop game forcibly: /g> arena.stop()
    5. remove arena (unregister all event listeners): /g> arena.remove()
    You can
    - make autorun script to create arena
    - bind play command to sign or button.
    - run a script when the player completes the game. For example, give conis to player with iConomy or teleport to secret location...
    If someone is interested, I can write a tutorial about it
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  8. Dam this looks hard
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    I need help with script to click on the board or limit players
    can you post a tutorial?
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    Can someone post a direct download if you don't mind :D
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    VarScript plugin: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/varscript/files/ [ VarScript 0.6.3 ]
    Groovy: http://groovy.codehaus.org/download [ Groovy binary release 2.3.1 ]
    Helljump: https://github.com/DPOH-VAR/VarScript/tree/master/workspaces/workspace/helljump [ Helljump 2.2 ]

    I'll do it later

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