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    There are pet plugins out there, I know but I am needing one that is a little different.

    What I need: I need a plugin for 1.4.7 and possibly through to 1.5.1 comparability that allows a player to create a "Hellhound" or "Hellcat" pet, that will follow them around and can be commanded to stay, preferably by right clicking on them. Similar to the Pets plugin.

    The Companion Images: These companions will have the wolf/ocelot mobs for their images but with the mobspawner flame effect. The wolf may need to have the angry wolf red eyes if at all possible.

    Companion Features: I need the companions to have 2 forms of attack, a melee attack if within a certain range and when out of that range, have a fireball attack, as well as the ability to summon the companions to the player via a command.

    The Configuration: There are several things that I will need in the config file.

    - melee/ranged attack ranges, most likely set up as:

    melee: X (When the targeted enemy is within X blocks then they will initiate melee, when not they will initiate their ranged fireball attack)

    - Configurable melee and ranged damage, this way the admin can set whether or not the melee will be stronger than the fireball or vice versa, to keep things balanced, as well as the option to disable fire spread and explosive damage from the fireballs.

    - Configurable health.

    - Possibly make its health and attack strength configurable based on day/night time and if its in the nether (One would think that a hell born creature would be stronger in hell) but this is just a suggestion.

    - Possibly configurable speed, however again not important if you don't want to bother with it.

    - The player will be able to create the Hellhound/cat via a command and will cost either economy, items and/or XP levels when they first create it. Both should be able to be set to 0 or false equivalent and once they die they will have to create it again.

    - The ability to name the companion is critical as to allow the player a sense of customization and having their own pet.

    - Its up to you if you will make the companion able to level up in some way, though this would add to its features considerably!

    - It would be best to make it able to despawn upon player log out, to save other players killing it when the player is offline.

    - The commands should all be permissions based and compatible with Permissions Bukkit.

    - And finally, make the number of companions that a player can have at one time configurable as well.

    I hope that my long list of features and details isn't too bothersome, I only thought that if I isolated what was needed and how it should be set up, it would make things easier when deciding on if the dev could do it or not. And like I said on several features above, it would be nice to have some of them as an option but if in the end it would prove to be more of a headache then scrap the idea. As long as it has the base features that I didn't state were merely optional, then I would be plenty happy.
    I hope one of you reading this thinks it has merit and would an interesting and fun addition that you would like to have your hand in creating.

    Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!
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    I might have mis-understood but is this a new mob u want? if so plugins cant create new mobs. I fink with spoutcraft you can but im not sure
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    AWITFC He wants to change the wolf or ocelot ;)
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    Ahh! I cant code this I was just saying that I fought it was impossible!
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    No, its not a new mob. I think its just a case of altering the image and AI of it. Someone did something similar with a zombie pigman so that it did almost exactly this, without the fireballs and then there was the angry wolf plugin that made aggressive wolves spawn and some were hellhounds with flames. I know it can be done, its just finding someone with the skill to do it.
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    umm ok but without spoutcraft I really do not fink u can edit the images of mobs! they are in your minecraft client! IF this plugin goes with a custom Texture pack I FINK it might work but I not know
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

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    Super User

    *sigh* please read the thread...
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    It's not possible to change the mobs appearance without a custom texture pack
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    Please see the above links.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Captainpvphd Read the entire topic -.-
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    Ahh! SRRY! misunderstood! but yeah I cant code this! XD
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    Thats fine. Anyone else out there considering this?
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    Not sure when a thread dies on here. Bumping.

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