Harry Potter - Quidditch and Spells

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Does this sound interesting?

  1. It sounds very interesting, and would be fun to make.

  2. It sounds very interesting, but I do not have the experience to make it.

  3. It sounds interesting, but not enough for me to make it.

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  4. It is not very interesting to me.

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  5. It is a really bad idea for a plugin.

  6. It is not possible to make, but I wish it was!

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    Well, first off, Spout is a client-side launcher, and a plugin. It adds the ability to create new blocks and such, and is completely compatible with vanilla MC. The vanilla MC players with see blocks which are similar to the blocks created. Here's a link where you can read up on Spout: http://forums.spout.org/threads/spout-and-spoutcraft-for-dummies.20/

    I still think that a player with gold armor and speed 2 or 3 would be sufficient as a snitch. Once the seeker hits the snitch, the game is over, everyone is teleported to the lobby, and that team wins.
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    We would not want the Snitch to be a player.
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    Danman message me and I'll let you see and test them to see if they could work for you. Hope it helps :D
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    You might have to be a little bit flexible, if the bat doesn't work out.
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    I Know Something, I Made A Plugin That Makes A HyperActive Bat Fly Around, And I Can Make The Name Snitch Fly Above His Head. If You Kill It It Drops A Magma Cream!

    Good Idea?
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    First of all, what is with the caps?
    This might be helpful in what we are thinking, so if you want to give that basic plugin to danmann (as he has been experimenting with the bat already), he might be able to do something with it.
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    Is this your plugin: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/kill-bat/
    If so, can I have permission to look at the source because it does specify that all rights are reserved.
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    thats not my plugin but mine is almost the same
    i never uploaded mine on bukkit

    ill upload it on mediafire for you guys

    [edit] Oh shit i lost the source, now i only have the plugin and i can only edit it with a class editor... but i can configure it if you want? Like snitch floating above his head and the dropping magmacream?

    and if you want me to add something else just tell me

    my plugin was actually an edit of the crazy bat plugin, but i have permissions so you guys can use mine

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    This is a great idea and all of it is very possible. It might take a long time to code depending on who you pick. A retextured animal could be the snitch and another could be the bludger. Or items could be both of them.
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