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    Lumos: Everythings good, However, I would rather you make an invisible light. People in the past have made miner plugins that you can activate with commands which spread light without glowstone or torch from the player, maybe you can fork some of the source. You want the light to follow the player, and want no awkward floating blocks.

    Avada Kadavera: Done! Good, thank you very much.

    Episkey: Correct.

    Incendio: Thank you!

    Accio: Yep!

    Expelliamus: Good!

    Reducto: Good - but make it so that you can configure only certain blocks that can be broken by reducto, or else it will be a griefer's galore.

    Wingardium Leviosa: Just make the player fly without glass, Turn anti-fly off and use NoCheat+ to limit it... But let it a little bit. Glass would look weird and be near impossible. The upward teleport would trigger anti-cheats anyways, so just make the player float for a little. Screw the glass :D

    Petrificus Totalus: Good, try to make them totally frozen though :D

    Stupefy: Do both in one spell, that fits well.

    FerraVerto: Yep!

    Crucio: Yea, add the swervy drugged potion effect... ID: 9 Nausea effect: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Potion_effects

    Thank you!

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    wow that is actually perfect i agree completly
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    Wait, it seemed like he wanted the poison effect for crucio, not the nausau effect?
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    well both because crucio is a torture spell.
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    Thank you, I really appreciate you making this.
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    yah same
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    Thanks, I figured out the spell cool down
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    Yay, thank you sir.
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    how far are you into finishing the plugin sir?
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    I said I hope to have it done by this weekend, but so far I have done (totally finished) the following:

    Petrificus Totalus
    Avada Kadavra

    I have partially done the following:


    I have not started the following:

    Wingardium Leviosa
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    Sounds amazing, you are extremely fast at coding this stuff :D
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    Episkey done
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    I suggest also added Blindness, Nothing makes my players more angry than Nausea+Blindness together
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    Thank you so much man, God are you fast.

    Edit: Can you also add these spells, too (Release the original ones as the release version, add these ASAP. MANY more :D

    Bubble-Head Charm - Description: Puts a large bubble of air around the head of the user. Used as a magical equivalent of a scuba set.
    Basically, make it so that you can breath underwater without losing bubbles (Underwater health) for the duration of the spell (Configurable)

    Disillusionment Charm - Description: Causes the target to become invisible, or close to it.
    This spell makes the player invisible for a configurable amout of time.

    Colloportus - Description: Magically locks a door
    Use this spell to close iron doors opened with alohomora - Door stays closed.. Opposite, same usage but closes door.

    Expulso - Description: A spell that causes an object to explode. The force of the explosion may depend on the intent of the caster.
    Basically makes a TNT sized explosion where you are aiming at, definable range (You should add that for every spell). Explosion size configurable also on this one, and you can define only certain blocks that it can break.

    Flame-Freezing Charm - Description: Causes fire to become harmless to those caught in it.
    Prevents the player from taking burns from lava and fire when running through it or stepping in it. Does not take the effects away after the player in on fire or burning, just prevents them before they happen.

    Finite Incantatem - Description: Negates many spells or the effects of many spells.
    Cancels effects of all spells currently affecting the player himself. Basically cancels all potion effects, poison, fire, invisibility, etc. Does NOT restore environment such as doors, chests, blocks. Only takes away effects of spells on the player himself.

    Intruder Charm - Description: Detects intruders and sounds an alarm.
    Prints a local chat message that can only be heard in a configurable amount of blocks (So the whole world isn't spammed, just the area). Prints configurable text, defaulted INTRUDER ALARM SOUNDED. Stops in configurable amount of time, and only prints once every 2 seconds (Not to spam too bad). When cast, it creates a circle radius around the block it hits... Block number around that block that is the are in which the alarm will sound is configurable.

    Freezing Charm Description-Renders object immobile, used in minecraft case for intruder curse.
    Basically stops the chat alert of an intruder charm, described above.

    Homenum Revelio - Description: Reveals humans near the caster.
    Alerts the user (Not public message, just the user sees it) of nearby players... Prints their positions in chat. Example: Player 'Steve35' is 28 blocks north. Player 'Jou2' is 12 blocks south. etc. Only does this once, within one second (Does not continuously scan, Just prints current). DOES NOT REVEAL INVISIBLE Players.

    (Stealth Sensoring Spell) - Description: Detects those under magical disguise.
    Same as Homenum Revelio (Right above), but it only detects nearby players who are invisible.

    Langlock - Description: Glues the victim's tongue to the roof of his/her mouth.
    Makes the targeted player unable to talk. Basically, the player you hit this spell without cannot chat for a configurable amount of time.

    Muffliato - Description: Keeps nearby people, or those to whom the wand is directed, from hearing nearby conversations.
    Basically, the player with whom you hit this spell will not be able to hear your chat messages for a configurable amount of time. A temporary 'ignore player' spell.

    Obscuro - Description: Causes a blindfold to appear over the victim's eyes, obstructing his/her view of his/her surroundings
    Basically uses the potion effect to blind the victim for a configurable amount of time.

    Point Me (Four-Point Spell) - Description: Causes the caster's wand tip to point to the north cardinal point, acting like a compass.
    Basically, points your character north.

    Protego (Shield Charm) - Description: The Shield Charm causes minor to strong jinxes, curses, and hexes to rebound upon the attacker, or at least prevents them from having their full effect.
    Basically, if cast right, will create the portal particle effect in front of the player for a configurable amount of time (Default 1 second). Stops a configurable list of spells and charms from affecting the player for that time in which the spell lasts... So If I cast sheild spell and half a second later I get hit with a minor spell like perfectus totalus, it won't affect me. Does NOT remove current effects, just prevents configured spells.

    Refilling Charm - Description: Refills whatever at which the caster points with the drink originally in the container.
    Fills a single empty bukkit in inventory with water. After cooldown can be used again to fill more bukkits.

    Sectumsempra - Description: Violently wounds the target; described as being as though the subject had been "slashed by a sword".
    Does a lot of damage without killing. Takes away a configurable amount of hearts from the victim. Configurable cooldown, etc. This is a powerful damage spell.

    Alohomora - Description: Used to open and/or unlock doors
    Make it so that Alohomora opens iron doors even when they are not powered... You have to aim at the doors and be within 3 blocks distance from them (spell has a range of three blocks [Configurable] to work). Lasts permanently - Door stays open

    Do NOT add blindness to crucio or perfectus totalus... this spell does not restrict breathing or seeing

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    Wow, big list. This will take a while. Let me go through them and see whats possible with my knowledge.

    Bubble Head Charm -I believe this is easy. I think I just give the player a breathing potion effect. Will have to check

    Dissillusionment - I can do this, but the player won't be totally invisible. I believe their name will still appear.

    Colloportus - I believe all I have to do is change the block type to closed, but I don't know how to keep players from opening it. Will have to do research on that.

    Expulso -Easy. The hard part is not destroying some types of blocks, without effecting all explosions on the server.

    Flame-Freezing charm -I don't know what you mean by prevent the fire from happening before it happens. I can cancel fire, but lava has some bugs and although you won't take damage, the player will still see the flames when in lava.

    Finite Incantatem - I believe I can do this. This would be like the last spell to make.

    Intruder Charm - I believe this is easy.

    Freezing Charm - I believe this is easy.

    Homenum Revelio - I can find players and their locations easily, the hard part would be finding their angle with you.

    Langlock - I believe I can do this.

    Muffliato - I believe I can do this

    Obscuro - Easy

    Point Me - Will have to look into this. I have never done anything with directions like n, w, s, e, so I don't know. Sounds easy though

    Protego - I believe I can do this

    Alohomara - I believe I can open doors, but not sure about preventing players from closing them

    Note: About the lumos spell, I can't get the invisible light unless I use spout, which I am not familiar with, so I'll just have to go with glowstone.

    All in all, this is turning out to be a very large plugin, and I have some other plugins that are waiting for me, so I believe I will make the original request and then work on other plugins, and then come back to this.

    LOL look at what you said:

    Fills a single empty bukkit in inventory with water. After cooldown can be used again to fill more bukkits.

    You said bukkit, instead of bucket

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    This all sounds GREAT. The only thing I need to mention is that the doors with Alohomara and Colloportus is that I Do NOT want them permanently closed, just closed or opened until a player comes al0ng and changes it. My point being that the door will not stay temporarily open, it will stay open until closed with a spell again or redstone.

    Also for the Flame-Freezing charm, all I need is no damage from fire. Basically like creative mode when you touch lava or fire. If the animation comes up that is fine, but you take no fire or lava damage for the duration of the spell.

    Just make sure there are permissions for every spell, I can't have all users running around with some of these. Also, How are you going to change spells to cast? I think a system like MoArrows would be good - you left click the air to change spells, and right click to cast them (Or reverse). It prints the current spell in chat. Like: Spell Changed to [Spell]!

    Lol, I have been around here WAY to long. Keeping it just because that is funny as hell.

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    I see you added more spells:

    Refilling Charm - I believe I can do this. Just need to make sure I don[t refill all the buckets in an inventory

    Sectumsempra - Easy. Will leave the player with 1/2 heart?
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    Sounds good. Also, for the vanishing spell (Can't remember name, to lazy to go back a page, VanishNoPacket makes everything disappear, without spout http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/vanish/

    I am done adding spells, I just went through every one in the books (Literally, wikid a list).
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    Actually, the way I made them was with commands (ie they are performed when the player types a command). I can change this, but I probably won't until after I release it.

    That was a very advanced plugin, actually made by one of Bukkits moderators

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    Alright - Thank you. I just find it annoying to have to type out the spells in battle, I think it would be faster and easier this way.

    It does have a source, maybe you can dig... Even though it may be very hard. If not, it is fine too. https://github.com/mbax/VanishNoPacket

    Or, is it possible to tie into it so that if I have it additionally you can just use it with that spell (Like an API?).

    This plugin does it: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/cutscene/

    Maybe just use console as the executor (Execute anything without perms) and make it so that when you cast that spell it just uses the /vanish command when you cast the spell and /vanish again when the spell duration is over.

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    Is the download link updated?? With all these new spells?
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    Iron_Crystal I went on Chilly's server to try out the plugin and here are some things that are missing or need to be fixed.
    - The lumos charms needs to last 30 seconds which the spell can be canceled by Nox.
    - the /stupefy spell and the dueling spells need to points towards a player instead of typing is name in chat like /stupefy Mig_B to make it more realistic.
    - Can you please add so when a player casts a spell it broadcasts the whole server about it. Like &b%name% Has Cat Lumos! (&b for Aqua blue)
    -Need to point towards a player to cast a spell.
    - A mana bar for the quantity of spell you can cast like for example ( I cast lumos it needs less energy than to cast Avada Kedavra)
    -the /teach (player) (spell) option. For classes where you can actually teach the player the spell.
    -add the spell RectumSempra and the Aquamenti
    -the spell RectumSempra will damage the player you are lookign at 5 hearts.
    -The Aguamenti spell will place a water source block where your pointing at.
    With what I just requested the plugin will get a major improvement and will be the best:)
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    I agree with Mig_B on a lot of this, but here are my comments.
    1. I agree, I think time should be configurable however. Please try to make the light source invisible, I KNOW it is possible from these miner plugins 'overhead light', headlamp, etc.
    2. This once again affirms my belief that a left-click change spell system with a right-click cast system will work SO much better for fast paced action. Screw typing in commands, it is so much easier to just left click and change your spell.
    3. Make this toggleable, and add a range to it so you can make it announce it locally (configurable block distance).
    4. Once again, easily fixed my left click to change spell, so much easier.
    5. I agree with this 100%. You could specify how much mana each spell takes up. The GUI would require spout support. However, I think it should be named something specific to the harry potter world - mana is so generic.
    6. I agree 100% also. Make it so the teach command just adds the spells permission node to the player.
    7. I agree - But I will go into detail below.
    8. Agree, ADD IT! :D Obviously with config you can balance this with more powerful spells by making it have a lesser cooldown.
    9. This would be griefers galore - which brings me to my next suggestion. Enable/Disabling of certain spells in config. Would help a bunch. Maybe define only certain blocks on which the user can place water?

    Basically, Switching spells by left clicking would save a lot of time, and help in the moment. It would solve a lot of problems, and would make so much sense for aiming instead of typing usernames.


    P.S - Your server is pretty amazing. One day I hope to make one that can even start to be as good. I like the sorting process A LOT.

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    Hey everyone. I am working on this plugin, but I beg of you. You have asked for enough spells! As it is I think this will take me one to two weeks to complete.
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    One last thing, to help you with lumos (NOT MY CODE)
    [SIZE=13px][FONT=Trebuchet MS][INDENT][FONT=Georgia]define a hashmap locations<Player, Location>
    define a hashmap torches <Player, boolean>
    PlayerListener for PlayerMoveEvent {
        if the player's x,y,z is not equal to that in the hashmap {
            if the player is wearing a golden helmet {
                if we placed a torch at their old location, remove it
                if there's a torch at their new location {
                    if the block at their feet is AIR {
                        put a torch at their feet;
                        torches.put(Player, true);
                } else {
                    torches.put(Player, false);
    This is very rough, and you will need to do more work such as saving all of the torches that have been placed into a hashmap or something so they can be removed when the server restarts. However, that's a basic outline of how I would do it with what I have - no Spout, only Bukkit.[/FONT][/INDENT][/FONT][/SIZE]
    Improvise on that :D, as said it is rough./
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    So, what you did was not make an invisible light, but spawn torches around their feet as they move. I'll see what I can do.
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    Is it possible instead of placing torches when you walk, that it replaces the block under your feet to glowstone like example, I would walk on the grass and cast lumos. for 30 seconds as I walk there is glowstone underneath me following me(If possible)

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