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    Hi. I am making on my server a mini-game for a Halo Type Infection game. What I would like for the plugin is a player as the zombie, and the rest as survivors. The survivors would have an Insta-Kill type bow, with unlimited (Infinity I) arrows. The zombie(s) would have permanent Speed II potion effects as well as permanent nausea potion effect (to simulate a zombie) Their skin would automatically turn into the skin of a zombie, and their name tag would be red, like blood. This would make them look like zombies. The survivors would have Jump Boost III potion effects for the duration of the round, or until they get killed. There is no invisibility of either team to one-another. When a zombie kills a survivor, the survivor will become a zombie and fight for the zombie team. They too would have the red name tag and the zombie skin. The zombie's goal is to eliminate all survivors, thus turning them into zombies. The survivors' goal is to prevent that from happening. The survivors would have 5 minutes that they must stay alive, and the zombies must kill them all in that time. When there is a last man standing, the person's name tag would appear bright red. There could be fireworks going off over their head every few seconds to let the zombies know where he is. The survivor would not be able to hide his/her name by crouching. When the game ends, the players are teleported back to the lobby, and the game will automatically start accepting players for the next round. The players of the game should be put in a custom gamemode that dis-allows them from breaking and building blocks. Players should not be able to spectate, or guarantee themselves to be the zombie, nor the player. That should be a command for Donators, and other ranks (set in a permission for example: infection.choosesides.zombie

    If my idea sounds cool, or you would like to make it, please PM me so I know exactly WHO is using my idea. If you should like to suggest more features, feel free to PM me so I can edit this to say them. Also, if you decide to create this plugin, could the developer include my name as one of the authors, so I could see what kind of stuff people want in my plugin, as well as I can suggest new features to the developer (main author) of the plugin, so he/she could include them. If you have any feelings as far as the plugin goes, shoot a PM my way. I'm all ears (unless it's a mean-hearted insult, which would hurt my feelings ;))!

    Sorry if this is a bit overwhelming, I will clear the whole thing up for you if you are confused!
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    This sounds like a lot of work, but if you somehow get all this and get it set up, PM me your server IP. I'd love to play. Infection was my favorite game mode in Halo but I could never find any games.
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    Will do! Wish me luck with the plugin!
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    If this plugin can be used to set up arenas and is not a server wide plugin I would love to use it.
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    What I'm looking for is a zombie which is a player, with no mobs, whatsoever.

    Read what I said and you will understand that this is NOT what I am looking for.
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    Changing player's skin is impossible without changing their player's username, which will make the zombies anonymous for all other players. Other than that this plugin is possible, although a little complicated. I'd try it if I wasn't too busy right now
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    Would you please try to do that for me? I can use a plugin to disguise them as zombies automatically. I know that there isn't such a plugin, but I can have it automatically run that command without them knowing. The only problem with that: I have know idea how to do that... Could you please help me? 1mpre55

    I would too. Just need some one to make it!

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    Well, if you don't have a deadline I guess I could do it, but I'm going to be working on other things for the next few days, so if anyone else wants to take this, feel free to do so.
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    Thank you so much! I am amazed at the nice people are on these forums if they're not they kind of people whose hobby is to be ”that guy”. Could you please include my name as one of the authors so I could see what's going on with the plugin?

    I will PM you my email do you can tell me what's up, when I'm not online. Thanks again!

    If it will only be a few days before you can, it would be fine! By the way... Do you know about a good spleef plugin?
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    I've made a fully automated infection plugin, and I am planning on adding DisguiseCraft support (for players to look like zombies) soon! Check it out here

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