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  1. When a player right clicks another player with a pumpkin, it removes one pumpkin from their inventory and puts that pumpkin on the player's head that was right clicked and blinds the person for specific amount of time that can be set in the config and plays a sound that can also be set in the config to the player that was right clicked.
    /hh reload - reloads the plugin
    hh.admin - permission for reload plugin
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    What Minecraft version are you interested in?
  3. 1.8.8
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    @Axe_Villager are you working on it or you want me to do it?
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    Finished your plugin, here you go:

    Download You can edit the messages, sound, pumpkin name and lore, and potion effect all in config file! hh.admin for /hh reload like you said. You could also use /halloweenhead instead of /hh

    You welcome :D
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    Looked through the code, I'd have to say to use his. It's way better done than mine xD
  8. Thanks both of you for making it :)

    @MrGriefer_ I have forgot one small detail, that people can spam this at spawn, could you maybe add /hh pos1 & /hh pos2 and inside that cuboid, you can't place the pumpkin on peoples head? and also add a cooldown? Thanks

    E: I also just noticed that if a player already has a pumpkin on, it dosen't take a pumpkin away from the player's inventory.
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    I will see if I have time to add cuboids. I tested the plugin and it does take a pumpkin every time a player clicks on another player.
  10. When a player takes the pumpkin off their head with the custom name & lore and tries to place it on a player, it dosen't take it away.
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